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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 196

Of course, Neera had no problem with that.

Her company would be saving a lot of time and money this way.

She shook hands with them, and sent them off happily.

Levi walked them out. He was still in awe on the way up.

"I can't believe this entertainment company under the Beauvorts was so easy to work with. I thought they were going to be a pain in the neck, but they just offered to cover production and location themselves. That makes things so much easier for us…"

He then looked at Neera, nothing but respect in his eyes.

"Neera, you really do have a connection with the Beauvorts, don't you? I'm really starting to see you in a different light!"

Neera smiled. "It's not that big of a deal. Sasha just happened to be easy to work with. Now that everything's in motion, we've got to work even harder so we don't let them down. Keep a closer eye on that proposal, we can't waste this chance."

She said no more after that, but thought to herself that she would get a cake for Jean later to thank him a little.

Despite the fact that they had coughed up eighty million dollars for this, Neera felt like Jean had helped her out a lot here.

The help with production, for example!

She knew that Jean had to have had some part to play in this, and suddenly felt like she had gotten the chance to ride on some pretty powerful coattails…

She settled the more important things, giving Levi a few more pointers before leaving.

She stopped by the cake shop on the way back.

Susie's Cakes was famous in Kingsview. Their cakes were delicious, and pretty much Michelin-star worthy.

The people who lined up here were all reasonably wealthy.

The shop was decently crowded when Neera arrived, and a queue had already formed.

She waited patiently in line, scrolling through her phone.

Just when it was her turn a little over ten minutes later, she bumped into Roxanne and Zachary's mother, Qaylah!

The two women had just finished eating in the shop, and were carrying two takeaway bags as well…

Zachary had been in a nasty mood in the hospital for the past couple of days, treating everyone around him terribly.

Roxanne and Qaylah had bought some pastries to take home to him, seeing as he liked them so much.

Only for them to run into Neera!

Qaylah's expression darkened at once, and she called out loudly to Neera, oblivious to the crowd around.

"You b*tch, how dare you still show your face around here? Buying cakes, are you? What a good mood you're in! You're the reason my son broke one of his arms, don't you feel bad at all about that? How dare you?"

Neera was merely confused at the outburst.

"What do I have to feel bad about? What do I have to do with your son losing an arm?"

She was going to just pretend she hadn't seen the two of them.

But since Qaylah had insisted on giving her a hard time, Neera found no problem in refuting her at once.

"Besides, why should I feel bad at all? Forget breaking an arm or a leg, he would have deserved it even if he became limp altogether."


Qaylah's expression was ashen at the words.

Roxanne smirked to herself coldly, but pretended to comfort Qaylah before frowning at Neera.

"Neera, how could you say that to her? She's your senior, it'll seem like we weren't raised right!"

Neera glared at Roxanne, disgusted. "Who's 'we'? Drop the act, I don't know who you are! Besides, you have no right to talk about how we were raised!"

Roxanne's face burned at the insult.

Qaylah was positively furious.

"You b*tch, you're still talking sh*t after making a mistake! You're f*cking shameless!"

Qaylah reached out to grab Neera, dragging her out by force.

"I'm telling you, I don't care what you have to say this time! You're coming with me to the hospital and apologizing to my son for what you did to him!"

Of course, Neera was not going to go. She cast a disdained glance at the hand on her arm, and wrenched it away.

Qaylah did not prepare for this, and almost fell from the gesture!


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