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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 197

Roxanne hurried to help her up, feigning concern. "Auntie Qaylah! Are you alright?"

She put on a panicked expression, turning to glower at Neera. "That was too much of you, Neera! We're sisters, how could you push her!"

Neera's good mood had been completely ruined by these too, and she barked out a sarcastic laugh.

This woman really was still so good at turning the blame around.

"Could you please stop calling me your sister? My mother only had one daughter, I don't have a sister!"

Neera was fed up. "Also, I didn't push her. She grabbed me first, so stop twisting the truth. I don't have time to waste on you!"

She turned away to buy her cake after, paying them no mind.

Qaylah exploded with fury, her eyes growing bloodshot.

"You piece of sh*t, do you think you've made it just because you managed to marry into the Beauvorts? I'm dragging you to the hospital today no matter what it takes, and you're going to apologize on your knees!"

She called out to her driver outside, and pointed at Neera. "Take her away, right now!"

The driver did not dare to go against her orders, and rushed in with two bodyguards in tow. They glowered at Neera, ready to strike at any moment.

Roxanne turned to look at Neera smugly.

She was going to see how Neera was going to get out of this!

A crowd had gathered to watch the debacle since it had started.

Some of them were murmuring amongst themselves, discussing the situation.

Some of them were terrified by the bodyguards' stares, but could not leave.

"Excuse me! Take your business outside, do not harass the guests in here!"

The cashier hurried out and shouted at Qaylah, frowning in annoyance.

Susie's Cakes was so successful, partly because their owner was a pretty powerful person.

The owner of Susie's Cakes was a mysterious person. Other businesses had been jealous of the shop's success, and had tried to sabotage it through some less than savory methods.

Only for none of them to work, and the people responsible suffered a tragic consequence.

The people who visited Susie's Cakes were members of the upper class, which spoke volumes about just how powerful this place was…

This was also why the cashier dared to call Qaylah out just like that.

Qaylah glanced at the cashier, and forced herself to calm down before explaining herself.

"We don't want any trouble. We're just settling a few private affairs."

The cashier's face flashed with displeasure, and he pointed at the door.

"Well, you can do that outside. We have a business to run, and would prefer not to startle our customers!"

Qaylah was annoyed at the cashier's attitude, but did not dare to say much. She nodded, calling out to her bodyguards.

"What are you standing there for? Get her!"

The bodyguards moved at once.

Neera's gaze narrowed. She flipped over a hand, and a few silver needles appeared between her fingers at once.

She had made her mind up.

She was going to 'take care' of these people if they dared to lay a finger on her!

Yet before the bodyguards could even touch her, they were sent flying out… they landed heavily on the ground outside of the shop, even breaking the standee by the door!

Following that, two loud sounds could be heard.

Another bodyguard and the driver were also lying on the ground, clutching their stomachs in agony.

The sight was positively theatrical. Everyone was shocked out of their wits, rubbing at their eyes to make sure they had really seen that.

Two men appeared in front of the crowd out of nowhere.

One of them was tall and handsome, radiating an air of authority.

The guy next to him looked elegant and illustrious. He was probably the first guy's assistant.

He was lanky and thin, and did not seem to be able to fight.

But… he had been the one attacking just now…

The men were none other than Jean and Ian!


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