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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 208

Neera was taken aback by his words. It took her a moment to regain her senses and catch up to them.

The triplets played like maniacs that morning!

Jean had never been to places like these before. As they went through each attraction, it was as if he had opened the doors to a new world, broadening his horizons.

They found a place to have lunch at noon.

The triplets wolfed down their food. They were still not satisfied and huddled together to discuss their afternoon schedule.

As per their initial plan, they were to go to WaterWorld in the afternoon.

They, however, asked for Jean's opinion out of politeness.

"Uncle Jean, we want to go to WaterWorld in the afternoon. Would you like to join us?"

Jean raised an eyebrow and replied warmly, "I'm here to accompany you today. You can play whatever you want."

They immediately thanked him sweetly. "Thank you, Uncle Jean! You're the best!"

Sammy also suggested, "You should join us in the water too, Uncle Jean. The water park is a lot of fun!"

Faced with the invitation from the kids, Jean was about to decline when Neera cut in and spoke up on his behalf.

"That place isn't suitable for him. You three can go and have fun yourselves. Uncle Jean isn't well enough to get into the water; he might catch a cold."

"Ah," Sammy said and immediately apologized to Jean. "I didn't consider that. I'm sorry, Uncle Jean …"

He then went on to advise him, "You shouldn't casually swim either. Wait until you're fully recovered."

Jean smiled and nodded. "Of course. I'll take care of myself."

Neera set a time after giving it some thought. "Let's agree that you can play for an hour. Out of the water when the hour's up. We shouldn't keep Uncle Jean waiting for too long."

"Alright!" The triplets nodded.

Jean, observing their interaction, found his emotions slightly stirred.

He noticed that this woman, while indulgent and loving toward the kids, also had principles in place. She wasn't entirely indulgent; her parenting style was disciplined.

The three little ones were also well-behaved and understanding. It made it hard not to like them…

After lunch, Neera and Jean took the triplets to have fun at the remaining attractions before heading to the water park.

The children were having a blast and having all sorts of fun when they got into the water.

One moment, they were sliding down a water slide, and the next, they were hugging onto pool balls and tossing them around.

Neera didn't stop them; after all, they could swim, and there were staff keeping an eye on them. She allowed them to freely enjoy themselves.

She and Jean sat close to one another by the shore.

She glanced at him and focused on his face, asking, "How are you holding up? Are you feeling tired?"

He shook his head. "I'm fine. I'm not tired. I can handle this much."

Jean didn't seem to be lying. She nodded and handed him a thermos.

"I brewed some medicinal herbs this morning. It'll help with fatigue. Have some."

He stared at the thermos cup's contents for several seconds before taking it.

"You're not mad anymore?" He suddenly asked.

Neera seemed taken aback. "Why would I be mad?"

He kindly reminded her. "You … left angry last night."

She suddenly felt discomfort. She turned away and mumbled, "What's there to be mad about? I'm not one to hold grudges. Let the past stay in the past."

His gaze never left her face. He saw the unnatural expression that crossed her flawless complexion and couldn't help but raise an eyebrow.

This woman was quite amusing when she was embarrassed.

He didn't expose her bluff. He smirked and said, "Hmm, that's good. I was thinking if you were still upset, I'd have to find a way to coax you. But it seems... I don't have to now!"

She was rendered speechless.

For some reason, she thought he sounded as if he were teasing her!


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