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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 209

An hour later, the triplets punctually got out of the water.

After a quick rinse and a change of clothes, they eagerly rushed off to the next attraction.

They had been looking forward to the water show for a long time!

The show didn't disappoint, and they clapped and cheered throughout.

Watching the triplets' joyful smiles, Neera's mood also lifted.

Her greatest wish was to allow her three children to keep staying carefree.

She was willing to sacrifice everything just for that. She was going to dedicate her entire life to protecting them …

The performance ended forty minutes later.

The triplets exchanged glances, all knowing that the highlight of the day was about to come!

"Let's go to the haunted house next!"

Neera's breath was caught in her throat the moment she heard the words "haunted house". She felt a tingle in the back of her neck.

Wasn't today all about fun activities? Why did the tone suddenly shift to something so eerie?

She hurriedly suggested, "Um... let's go somewhere else. You're all kids. Going to a haunted house like that might give you nightmares."

Jean didn't notice anything off about her at first. He thought she made a good point and nodded in agreement.

The triplets, however, continued to insist on it and showed no signs of fear.

"We're not scared, Mommy. We know the ghosts in there are all fake. They're all workers!"

"Yeah! I heard it's thrilling. I'm excited!"

Even Penny was eagerly shaking Neera's hand. The little girl gave her mother a pleading look.

"That's right, Mommy! Let's go, I want to see it too!"

Neera was rendered speechless. "..."

She felt exhausted. How did she end up with three fearless little imps who were afraid of nothing?

They might not be scared, but she was terrified!!

She didn't want to go at all!

Simply imagining how eerie it was made her nervous. She tried to stop them again.

"Let's not go after all. What if it leaves you traumatized? That wouldn't be good ..."

She didn't want to admit her fear and resorted to excuses.

That was when Jean spoke up. "Let them go if they want. Everything in there is fake anyway. Besides, this is their decision. Even if they get scared, at least they gave it a shot."

The triplets immediately nodded vigorously, "You're right, Uncle Jean!"

Three pairs of eyes fixated on Neera as they awaited her answer with anticipation.

She was caught off guard by this and was speechless.

Despite having mulled over it, there was no other reason to stop them. She helplessly watched as Ian left to get the tickets.

Seeing this, the triplets were overjoyed and quickly joined the line, waving at her.

"Come here, Mommy! Let's go together. If not, you might have to go all alone later!"

Hearing this, Neera steeled herself and hurried over …

It was soon their turn.

The children were excited and weren't the least bit scared. They were the ones taking the lead.

Even before Neera entered, her hair was standing on end.

Once they were inside, darkness surrounded them. Only faint, sporadic lights illuminated their surroundings, making them even more eerie.

The chilling atmosphere enveloped her from all sides. She nearly turned to leave.

Jean, on the other hand, seemed calm. He walked by her side and wasn't the least bit affected.

Ian followed close behind and calmly surveyed his surroundings. He was as collected as ever. He even muttered, "Doesn't seem that scary!"

Neera could feel her frustration mounting at that.

Were these two even humans?

How were they able to remain unfazed in such a creepy place?!

The triplets led the way up front, but their attention wasn't on their surroundings. They frequently glanced back.

They knew their mother was the most afraid of stuff like this, which was why they chose the haunted house.

This was a deliberate opportunity for Mommy and Daddy to bond!

Perhaps, under these circumstances, an accidental event could lead to their parents' relationship improving!

Sammy pretended to earnestly advise Jean, "Uncle Jean, it's dark in here. Remember to take care of Mommy! Thank you!"


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