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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 21

Jean shot a glance at Neera and said to Harvey, "Sure, but… are you sure your mother's skills are worth five million dollars?"

Is he doubting my abilities? Neera thought.

"If my skills aren't worth that much, you'd still be lying on a bed unconscious, and your precious medical team will still be cracking their heads thinking of how to save you!"

"You sound pretty confident," Jean said with a smirk.

He had to admit that she was very skilled, though he did not know the limit of her skills, which was why he had his doubts.

Neera thought he did not believe her. She frowned and said, "Ten sessions! All I need is ten sessions. It'll save your medical team one year's worth of effort!"

Jean narrowed his gaze at her.

The woman in front of her exuded total confidence. She did not look like she was boasting.

"Are you sure, Doctor? Can you be that confident about treating Sire?" Even Ian did not believe it.

He considered that Joanna's team had shown no progress, and Dr. Nancy had canceled their appointment.

If the woman in front of them had a way to cure his employer's illness, he would not want to miss the chance!

He would spare no expense in extending Jean's lifespan!

Neera said, "Of course, everything is moot at this point. You can see the results after ten sessions and judge if I'm boasting. Of course, if you don't believe me, you can go back to that medical team of yours! I'll find some other way to pay the five million dollars!"

The triplets were not going to allow that to happen. They tried to convince Jean, "Mr. Handsome, five million dollars is a total bargain! Other people don't even get the chance to meet Mommy!"

"That's right. Mommy's skills aren't restricted to consultation and diagnosis. The medicine she develops is priceless! The only reason you recovered so quickly is because you took one of her pills!"

Jean did not know about that. "Medicine?" he blurted.

Ian recalled the incident at the hotel earlier that morning. "That pill? Wasn't it just aspirin?"

"Of course not!" Penny said. "Mommy invented the medicine, and it's very expensive…"

"That's enough, Penny. Let's not bother him with the details," Neera stopped her daughter from talking any further.

Why did they tell him everything? I don't want to be exposed!

The triplets shut up after realizing that they had divulged too much information. They were still worried that their Daddy might not agree.

Luckily for them, Jean gave his answer after a few seconds of deliberation. "If the children are so confident in you, then I shall believe you for now! Instead of paying me five million dollars, I'll accept your ten consultation sessions!"

The triplets breathed a sigh of relief when they heard that.

He… finally agreed! Why do they have to make us worry about them?

Harvey struck while the iron was hot. "To celebrate this occasion, I'd like to invite you over to our house for dinner tonight."

Neera did not expect that. She was walking away, but she nearly stumbled when she heard that.

"I… don't think dinner is necessary."

I'm already treating his illness! Why do I have to treat him to dinner?

However, the triplets were extraordinarily insistent. "Didn't we agree on inviting our neighbors for dinner? It shouldn't matter that we already know Mr. Handsome, right?"

Neera said sheepishly, "I… I don't think it matters, but you should ask him if he's free this evening, right?"

I hope he's not free!

Jean was free, but he did not have any appetite to eat after the fever.

He said tactfully, "Maybe next time."

"You have to come!" Penny grabbed his hand. "You've just recovered from a fever, and you need to eat more! My mommy knows how to cook nutritious meals. She should be able to do something about your appetite. What do you think?"

Jean began to hesitate.

Harvey asked, "Are you unwilling to come over because you're still blaming Mommy for the broken vase?"

Jean had no reason to decline any more.

"It's not like that… Well, if you're so insistent, I'll drop by for dinner then."

"Yay!" Penny and Sammy cheered.

Neera was speechless.

Isn't anyone going to ask for my opinion?


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