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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 222

Dandy was flustered and explained quickly, "Wrenn, don't think wrongly. That day she wasn't serious, sloppy, and had a bad attitude. That's why I hit her. I wanted to correct her. I never intended to hurt her! You must believe me!"

Seeing that the situation was getting worse, Kyra hurried to help. "Yes, Ms. Garcia. You must have misunderstood something. My mother wouldn't do something like that."

Neera was not surprised by their denial, but her eyes were slightly mocking. Both Kyra and Dandy looked uncomfortable.

Jean asked indifferently, "Do you mean I'm lying?"

Dandy and Kyra were choked and did not know what else to say.

Jean glared at them coldly and continued, "When Neera got hit that day, she didn't say anything. It was only by accident that I found out about her injury. Mrs. Marks, I respect you. But since you're here to ask for help, you shouldn't speak with such an attitude."

He changed to call Dandy from Auntie Dandy to Mrs. Marks, which showed his displeasure.

After Kyra heard that, she felt unreconciled. She did not expect that Jean would protect Neera!

His actions made her feel jealous. In all the years she had known Jean, she had never seen him like that!

Neera was indifferent. "I can forget that incident. But I can't treat your skin. Please ask someone else."

Her attitude was firm. It was clear that she would not help with treatment.

Dandy and Kyra ended up with Neera's refusal and got exposed about beating Neera. They felt embarrassed and had to leave.

On the way back, Dandy gritted her teeth angrily.

"My skin must have been poisoned by that b*tch Neera! She still pretended to be nice!"

Kyra also suspected the same, but there was no evidence to prove that Neera did it.

When Kyra thought of Jean's protection of Neera, she felt jealous.

I underestimated that woman! She's not easy to deal with!


Imperial Gardens.

Wrenn sat on the sofa and looked at Neera complicatedly. "You really don't know how to treat Dandy?"

Neera did not change her expression. "Of course. I'm not a god. The scope of medicine is so wide, and the divisions are so detailed. I'm not omnipotent."

Her answer sounded fine, but Jean could feel what she said was insincere.

He felt amused and interrupted Wrenn's questioning, "Mom, since Neera can't do it, don't force her anymore."

He thought of something and added, "You don't need to find a teacher to teach Neera about learning etiquette. I'll teach her myself. You don't need to worry about it."

Seeing that none of them seemed to be lying, Wrenn sighed. "Okay."

After that, she had nothing else to do and left.

Neera looked at Jean and said, "Thanks for helping me."

Jean said casually, "Since you're unwilling to do it, they have no reason to force you."

Neera was satisfied with his actions, then smiled. "Good thing you know what to do."

Then, she thought of Dandy's face. "I didn't intend to make her face completely bad. I only wanted to make her suffer. When my injury heals, her face will be fine."

After speaking, she did not stay any longer and went home.


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