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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 223

After Neera returned home, the triplets greeted her immediately.

"Mommy! What did Uncle Jean's mom want from you?"

They had been thinking about it. So they could not wait to ask.

Neera smiled. "Nothing. She happened to come here. We only said something casually."

Her expression was as usual, and she did not show unhappiness. The triplets did not notice anything unusual, so they asked about Jean.

"Then why didn't you stay there to treat Uncle Jean? Does he not need treatment these days?"

Neera ruffled Sammy's soft hair. "You little worry! If you always worry about everything, you won't grow tall."

Sammy proudly said, "How could that be? I'm the second-tallest in our class now!"

"Oh?" Neera blinked. "Then who is the tallest?"

"It's Harvey, of course! Mommy, you suddenly become stupid!"

Neera laughed. The mood that was affected by Dandy just now was healed immediately.

She responded, "I don't need to treat him for a few days. I have something to do later. You three go shower and sleep after playing for a while, okay?"

The triplets felt a little disappointed and nodded obediently.

After Neera went upstairs, they huddled together again and looked worried.

"Mommy doesn't need to treat Daddy. Wouldn't it be impossible to get along with Daddy intimately?"

"Exactly! When will Mommy and Daddy be able to improve their relationship?"

"Mommy is unromantic; Daddy is cold. We'll have to wait a long time to become a real family! I'm going to die of anxiety!"

The triplets were too worried that they started to think again.

They already went to Universal Studios together. What excuse should they find next to ask Jean out?

When Neera came down, she saw the triplets sitting on the carpet and whispering. She did not know what they were discussing.

She wanted to have a look, but at this time, Levi sent a message. It was Sasha's photos, and she immediately diverted her attention.

Those photos had gotten refined, and the effect was even better than it looked during the day. Some had to be selected and used as advertising photos, so Levi sent them to let Neera look at them.

Although the photos were beautiful, Neera could not choose the most satisfactory one.

Levi said, "It's okay. We'll go outdoors to shoot tomorrow. It's not too late to take a look at that time."

Neera could only agree.

The next day, she sent the triplets to kindergarten and went to the shooting site.

That shooting site was famous for many films and television dramas. The price of renting was expensive and had time constraints.

Star Entertainment Media's renting time was from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.

After 4.00 pm, there was an hour to retreat and alternate with another shooting team.

At noon, as the shooting was not smooth, Sasha was not satisfied with the results presented. When it was 4.00 pm, they had to postpone it for half an hour.

At this time, another team came. That team also shooted commercials. They started at 5.00 pm.

Sasha went in to touch up her makeup. The photography team communicated to the other party to move out half of the venue for them to put on makeup and promised to clean it up around 4.30 pm.

Usually, it was easy to communicate. After all, those teams were in the same circle, and there was time to alternate, which would not delay the other party's progress.

However, Neera saw Kyra on another team!


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