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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 235

After Jean and Neera entered the living room and sat down, the triplets immediately served tea and water. Penny also ran into the kitchen and brought a plate of biscuits to Jean.

"Uncle Jean, I made the biscuits with Auntie Zuniga! Try it and see if it tastes good!"

Jean never ate dessert, but Penny's expectant eyes were so intense as if rejecting her would break her heart.

Jean could not refuse her, so he ate a piece. The biscuits were not too sweet and fragrant.

"It's delicious. You have good baking skills."

Penny was happy to receive Jean's compliment. Her smiling eyes were sparkling.

"It's good you like it! You might not like sweets, so I didn't add sugar! You can eat biscuits when you drink coffee. Drinking coffee without eating will hurt your stomach!"

While talking, she took out a small delicate jar with biscuits neatly stacked inside. It looked like she had carefully prepared them. There was a ribbon bow on it.

"Uncle Jean, this is for you. I prepared it in advance! Good thing you like these biscuits!"

Jean looked at the childish little jar and felt his heart warm. After taking it, he thanked her softly.

Penny waved. "You're welcome. If you like it, I can make it for you anytime!"

Neera looked at this scene and thought it was a little funny as the triplets specially investigated Jean's preferences.

After drinking the tea, she felt her stomach warm and much more comfortable. Coupled with the noise of the triplets, she was sober and was not as dizzy as before.

Meanwhile, Jean glimpsed Harvey's laptop on the side table.

On the screen was the familiar stock market chart. Jean's attention got attracted, and he took a second look, only to realize that this stock was the one that had risen particularly fast abroad recently. He also paid attention to it.

He looked at Harvey and asked, "Are you paying attention to this stock?"

Harvey blinked and answered, "No, I was only looking around. This stock has risen recently, so I looked at it for a while."

Jean raised his eyebrows while looking at Harvey with some scrutiny. Harvey did not dodge either and let Jean look at him. He looked very innocent.

Jean looked at Harvey for a while and suddenly smiled. He showed some interest. "Tell me. What did you see?"

Harvey blinked but did not speak directly. "Uncle Jean, I'm only interested in stocks. But I don't understand them very well. How can I see anything? It's better not to... "

When he said that, he subconsciously glanced at Neera carefully.

Harvey remembered Neera had said before that he should hide his abilities. Even in front of Jean!

So even though he wanted to discuss the stock with Jean, he did not know whether to talk. His reaction did not escape Jean's eyes.

Jean narrowed his eyes and glanced at Neera and Harvey. He could tell that Harvey hid something and refused to say it.

So Jean encouraged Harvey softly, "It's okay. You can say whatever you want. Just express what you think. If something is wrong, I can teach you."

Upon hearing that, Harvey felt excited. Daddy said he would teach me!


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