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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 236

Neera understood. The research and development of chip technology was a hot topic in the high-tech field.

Many famous companies were involved in this field and wanted to develop its core technology.

Even Adriana's ANXIN Group had been involved, not to mention the Beauvort Group, which had achieved the ultimate in various fields, was no exception.

So she kindly said, "It's indeed no need. My aunt tried to cooperate with this company abroad. But she later canceled her idea because the company's business was unclear."

Jean nodded. "The Beauvort Group has been trying to develop chips in the past few years, but they haven't grasped the core of chip technology, so they haven't developed satisfactory results."

That was why he was motivated to cooperate. But after being reminded by Harvey, he dismissed the idea.

Later, Jean got up to bid farewell. After returning, Ian could not help but comment.

"Sir, Harvey is remarkable! He knows something that we don't know. Fortunately, we visited them tonight and got such important news. Or we would cooperate with that company in a daze!"

Jean sat on the sofa and crossed his legs casually. His posture was dignified and elegant.

Hearing that, he did not refute it. The family next door was indeed amazing.

Neera was already mysterious enough that even Harvey could understand stocks so much!

At such a young age, he could have a clear mind and speak in an orderly manner. That was outstanding!


After Jean left, Harvey immediately walked to Neera obediently, lowered his head, and took the initiative to admit his mistake.

"Sorry, Mommy. I said too much..."

Sammy did not care and raised his hands high. "Mommy, I said it too! You can't only blame Harvey!"

Sammy did not have the slightest sign of admitting his mistake but felt proud.

Neera felt amused that she pinched his face lightly. "You're the most ostentatious. You never know how to keep a low profile!"

Sammy smiled cutely. "What does it matter? After all this time, you should be able to see that Uncle Jean is good to us. He won't hurt us!"

Neera shook her head helplessly.

"Even if Jean wouldn't hurt us, you should be more vigilant. Before the critical moment, you'd better keep a low profile."

Sammy pouted unconvinced and muttered softly. "But Uncle Jean isn't an outsider! Although you and Uncle Jean are in a sham marriage, he's like our family!"

Harvey and Penny nodded in agreement. "That's right! Uncle Jean is like our family!"

Seeing that the triplets spoke for Jean, Neera felt funny.

She tapped the triplets' foreheads and sighed. "I wonder if Jean has given you three ecstasy soups to make you three favor him!"

The triplets giggled and quickly hugged Neera.

"Mommy, we only feel that Uncle Jean is good and treats us well. So we feel relieved to tell him."

Neera was so troubled by them and lost her mind to educate them. She pinched their noses again.

"You three must learn to protect yourselves from now on. Understand? Don't mess around anymore!"


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