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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 239

Upon hearing that, Neera paused and looked at him.

"I have some relationship with him, but this is my matter and has nothing to do with you. You'd better not ask about it."

Although she was calm, she showed a slight sense of alienation. She did not intend to tell Levi anything.

In Neera's view, the relationship between herself and Jean had nothing to do with others. She did not need to explain anything.

Even if Levi was her subordinate or friend, he had no right to know about it. His behavior had gone a bit beyond the mark!

Levi realized what he had done.

He panicked and quickly apologized for fear of offending Neera, "Sorry, I'm presumptuous. I don't mean anything else. I only care about you. Aren't we friends?"

He hesitated, felt unwilling, and could not help but speak, "I only want to say you're good. You can find any good man. But Mr. Beauvort..."

Before he finished speaking, he was interrupted coldly by Neera.

"Levi, I can decide to hang out with whom. I also know Jean well. I don't need to know him through others. I know what I'm doing and don't need you to remind me of anything. You only have to get your job done."

The implication was to let him not meddle in her private affairs. She almost drew a clear line, even with a hint of warning.

Levi was anxious and still wanted to say something. But seeing Neera's indifferent expression, he could only shut up wisely.

His complexion was gloomy and lost when he went out. Scarlet took the initiative to talk to him.

"Levi, I've asked my friend to bring some coffee beans. You might like it. I'll send it to your office."

Levi did not thank Scarlet but was a little impatient and refused coldly.

"No need. Keep it for yourself." After speaking, he turned and left without looking at her.

Scarlet's expression darkened. She could not help but glance at Neera's office.

Seeing Neera and Levi going in and out together these days made Scarlet jealous.

She was even more annoyed when she saw Levi look at Neera affectionately. But Neera ignored Levi's feelings!

Scarlet did not like Neera even more. She thought Neera was very pretentious.

She doesn't like Levi but insists on going out with him and being ambiguous!


Neera did not know Scarlet's mind and never regarded Levi as anyone.

She had always been able to distinguish between work and love relationships. Her words just now were considered a kind of rejection. She hoped Levi could understand that she did not like him.

Neera quickly forgot about the matter. She was efficient enough to finalize the photos and send them to Levi in an hour.

"The follow-up advertising announcement will be left to you. You must fully cooperate with Star Entertainment Media and follow their requirements."

Levi quickly replied, "Got it."

After dealing with other trivial matters, Neera was relieved.

Although the process was a bit tortuous, the follow-up development was smooth. Neera sincerely hoped that the future would be as smooth as it was now and that there would be no more problems.


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