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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 240

Seeing the effect, Neera could not help but feel surprised.

Sasha's influence inside and outside the circle and her popularity were extraordinary! The propaganda effect was so good that even Kyra and Simon could not reach that extent.

According to this level, the sales must be very impressive when Neera launched her company's new products.

Thinking that the first battle after returning to Kingsview was about to start, Neera was looking forward to it!

In the evening, she finished processing the last document, left work early, and went to pick up the triplets.

The triplets were quite happy to see Neera coming and surrounded her excitedly.

"Mommy, why are you here to pick us up today? Don't you need to work overtime?"

Neera smiled. "Not today. I was busy these days, so I didn't have much time to accompany you. I'll make a delicious meal when I go back tonight. It's compensation for you."

The triplets immediately cheered happily. "Mommy's big meal! We're looking forward to it!"

Seeing their excitement, Neera felt a little guilty. She could not care for the triplets when she got busy. But fortunately, they always take care of themselves well.

When she got home, she asked the triplets to do their homework while she went straight into the kitchen. Zuniga was helping her to make meals.

Soon, Zuniga's phone rang before dinner started. It was her son's call. Not long after picking it up, she looked panicked.

Neera noticed Zuniga's reaction and asked, "What's wrong?"

Zuniga asked anxiously, "Ms. Garcia, can I ask for leave? I have an urgent matter! I have to go back immediately!"

Neera quickly reassured, "Okay. But what happened?"

Zuniga was so anxious that she almost cried. "My son said my husband suddenly fainted and was in emergency treatment! My son is only a kid. He has never dealt with such things. Now he's in a panic! I have to go back now!"

Neera froze and asked, "Is it serious?"

Zuniga shook her head. "I don't know either. My son is alone there. He doesn't understand anything and can't explain it clearly on the phone!"

Neera understood the situation. Zuniga was in a panic, so she probably could not drive. In addition, it was difficult to call a taxi at this time.

Neera pondered and immediately decided. "Don't worry. I'll drive you back and check on your husband."

Zuniga was stunned when she heard that and could not help but hesitate. "How about the triplets? I live far away and almost close to the county seat. It takes at least three hours to drive back and forth."

The triplets were sensible. Upon hearing that, they took the initiative to say, "It's okay. We can take care of ourselves."

As the eldest child, Harvey took the initiative to take responsibility. "I can take care of Sammy and Penny. Don't worry."

Sammy and Penny nodded. "We'll be good."

Although they said so, Neera was still worried. Thinking for a while, she soon came up with a solution. "I'll find Jean and ask him to care for you three."

The triplets' eyes lit up immediately. They naturally had no objections. So, Neera quickly went to the next door to ring the doorbell.

It was Richard who opened the door. When he saw her, he greeted her with a smile, "Mr. Jean is having dinner. Do you want to have dinner together?"

Neera waved. "No, thanks. I have something to ask Jean." Then, she walked in and explained the situation to Jean.

"It's an emergency. I don't feel relieved to leave the triplets at home, so I can only ask your help to care for them!"

Jean did not refuse. "Go ahead. I'll be there later."

Then, he took the initiative to ask, "Do you need help? I can order someone to take you off. It's getting late."

Neera responded, "Thank you, but it's okay. I can do it."

After she settled the triplets' matter, she took Zuniga back without further delay.


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