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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 243

Soon, they were standing in front of the bathtub.

Jean first glanced at Harvey and Sammy, then at the facilities in the bathroom. He did not know what to do for a moment.

He had never taken care of others.

He felt a little funny and asked Harvey and Sammy patiently, "How does your mommy usually help you two take a bath? Are there any steps?"

Sammy replied bluntly, "Yes! Mommy usually puts the warm water first, then helps us undress, let us take a bath in the bathtub, and then squeeze the shower gel for us."

Sammy narrated it orderly. After listening to it, Jean understood and gracefully rolled up his sleeves to do so.

The water quickly filled the bathtub. Bursts of hot air lingered around the bathroom and made it warm.

Sammy was happy with an unstoppable smile. His brilliant eyes shone brightly.

It's the first time that Daddy helps us to take a bath!

Although they had not recognized each other yet, they were already content to be so close to Jean.

After filling the water, Jean helped them undress, put them into the bathtub, and washed them with a towel.

He was completely inexperienced. His movements were clumsy, and he almost got the water on himself several times. But Sammy talked sweetly and kept praising him.

"Uncle Jean, your hands are big and warm! I'm so happy! Except for Mommy, no one has ever helped me take a bath. You're the first! I hope I can become your child! You're handsome and gentle! You're a perfect daddy..."

The bathroom was very lively because of Sammy's presence. Jean got amused by Sammy.

After washing for a while, Harvey and Sammy were flushed, which was extremely cute.

Jean's expression softened involuntarily. After washing Sammy, Jean helped Harvey.

Harvey's personality was different from Sammy's. He was more restrained and mature, not as active as Sammy.

Harvey was a little embarrassed but was also happy. He thanked Jean, "Thank you for taking care of us."

Jean responded with a smile, "You're welcome."

Next to him, Sammy was naughtily sitting in the bathtub playing with foam and accidentally got it on Jean's hair and sleeves.

If it had been the past, Jean would have thrown the child out, but now he did not intend to lose his temper. He glanced at Sammy patiently.

After washing Harvey, he looked at Harvey and Sammy and asked again, "What's next?"

Harvey immediately pointed to the shelf. "There are bath towels over there. Wrap us up, dry us, and take us outside. We can dress ourselves."

Jean nodded and did so. He carried Sammy out first, then came in to hold Harvey.

When Jean came out, Sammy had dried himself and ran to the closet naked to get his and Harvey's cow pajamas.

Jean felt amused. He never dreamed there would be a day to care for children.

Neera's triplets seemed to have magical powers. They always made him want to get close unconsciously. No matter what request, he could hardly refuse them!


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