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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 244

Soon, Harvey and Sammy were in cow pajamas. The pajamas were one-piece, with a hat and ears on the back. They looked so cute.

Penny also finished washing and walked in wearing the same style of pajamas.

Her smooth black hair made her face tender, and her whole body smelled milky and sweet. She looked softer and cute than usual.

Jean felt softened involuntarily and looked gentle.

After settling down on the triplets' bathing problem, he asked, "What's next?"

Sammy blinked and replied crisply, "Drink milk, brush our teeth, and coax Penny to sleep!"

Jean was a little taken aback. He never thought there were so many trivial things to do in raising children.

However, seeing the triplets looking at him eagerly, he had no choice but to nod. "Where's the milk?"

Sammy replied immediately, "There's milk powder on the side table!"

Although they could do those things, it was their first time being taken care of by Jean. They were unwilling to miss the opportunity. So they commanded Jean without guilt.

Upon hearing that, Jean frowned. How to make milk?

Now that he had promised to care for them, he could only do things he had never done before.

Ian was still there when Jean got to the lobby. Jean quickly asked, "Do you know how to make milk?"

Ian was stunned for a moment, then shook his head. "Sir, I don't have children. It's beyond the scope of my knowledge."

Jean squinted at Ian as if saying, "You're useless."

Then, he stepped forward to make milk but felt confused.

How much milk powder do I need to make milk? How much warm water?

Seeing Jean's expression of encountering a problem, Ian wanted to laugh but held it back.

Harvey watched it for a long time and finally stopped embarrassing Jean. He immediately stepped forward. "Uncle Jean, let me do it."

Then, he took the milk powder, made milk for Sammy and Penny, and made one for himself.

Soon, the triplets sat on the sofa while drinking milk cutely.

Ian could not help but be amused. "They always look like little adults. Now they finally look like children."

Jean pursed his lips and nodded in agreement. After a while, after the triplets finished drinking, Penny yawned.

"Are you sleepy? Do you want to go upstairs to sleep?" Jean asked Penny warmly.

Penny shook her head. She sounded sleepy and reached her hands to him. "Uncle Jean, I want a huggie."

Jean could not refuse her cute request.

Jean willingly hugged Penny. Penny wrapped her arms around his neck, leaned on his shoulder, and fell asleep after a while.

Seeing Penny was fast asleep, Sammy and Harvey immediately whispered, "Uncle Jean, put Penny on the bed. You'll get tired if you hug her for a long time."

Jean was not tired, but Penny would feel uncomfortable sleeping like this. So, he agreed to carry Penny upstairs.

Sammy and Harvey immediately followed Jean. When they arrived in the room, they consciously relaxed their movements, climbed into their beds, covered themselves with quilts, and lay up straight.

They thanked Jean, "Uncle Jean, thank you for staying and caring for us."

Looking at Sammy and Harvey, Jean could not help but giggle. "I'm done coaxing Penny. Don't I need to coax you two?"


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