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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 249

Hearing that, Jean paused and glared at Ian.

"Are you too free recently? If so, finish processing all the documents in my study. Don't sleep until you complete them."

Ian looked confused.

What happened? Why did he arrange such a heavy job for me? Didn't I only care about his body? Why did he punish me for no reason? I didn't mean anything!

Ian froze on the spot. Jean ignored him and went to rest.


Early the next day, Ian, who had dealt with documents all night, sent Jean to the office listlessly.

Meanwhile, Neera had breakfast, took the triplets to school, and met their car head-on.

Ian saw Neera and immediately lowered the window to greet her. "Good morning, Ms. Garcia. Are you taking the triplets to school?"

Neera also lowered the window and looked at Ian thoughtfully. "Yes. Why do you look so tired? Are you insomnia?"

Ian smiled awkwardly.

He was embarrassed to say he got punished for saying something wrong, so he answered vaguely, "Well, I slept a little late."

Neera nodded and wanted to close the car window, but after pondering, she stopped and reminded Ian, "Ian, maybe I'm a little nosy to say that. I'd like to warn you. You should avoid going to nightclubs."

Nightclubs? Ian froze for a moment and stared blankly at Neera.

Neera did not think anything was wrong and persuaded Ian, "The body is your capital. Jean is ill, but I think your physical fitness is quite good. It's just that no matter how good your body is, you can't stand the disease. You haven't married yet, right? Don't mess around! Be temperate!"

Although she did not say it explicitly, the meaning was obvious. She implied Ian was messing around with women and made his body worse.

Ian felt wronged. It was work that ruined his appearance.

However, when he saw his sluggish face in the rearview mirror, it did look like he had spent the night in a nightclub.

Ian felt distressed, withdrew his following words, and could not explain it clearly. Moreover, Jean smiled playfully at this moment.

Ian choked. How could he dare to say anything more? He could only nod desperately. "I got it, Ms. Garcia. Thank you for reminding me."

Seeing that he listened to her words, Neera nodded without saying anything more. Then, she closed the window and left.

Before leaving, the triplets moved to the car window and bid farewell to Jean excitedly. "Uncle Jean, we're going to school! See you later!"

Jean said goodbye softly, watched them leave, and could not help but laugh again.

He got amused by Neera's misunderstanding just now. He did not expect Neera to think strangely and ridiculously.

Ian looked sad. His perfect and positive image had collapsed!

After sending the triplets, Neera went to the company. When she entered the office, Levi entered solemnly. "Neera, something happened!"

Hearing that, Neera was stunned and asked, "What happened?"

Levi's expression darkened. "Since the past two days, some people have released news about Sasha. The content is bad."


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