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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 250

Neera frowned and asked, "What news?"

"It's said that Sasha was so successful that she forgot her family after leaving poverty. She didn't support her father and left him to fend for himself. She was unfilial and ungrateful. Anyway, those words are harsh."

Neera was skeptical about the content.

"Is this true or false? Is there any evidence to prove it's true?"

Levi shook his head. "It's not clear yet. But this morning, Sasha's relatives testified that Sasha's father was seriously ill last year and had no money to see a doctor. They contacted Sasha and wanted her to arrange for her father to help with treatment. As a result, Sasha refused with a bad attitude. Later, she didn't even answer the phone and didn't plan to care about it at all."

He let out a deep breath.

"At the beginning, I didn't take it too seriously. After all, the commenters always made fake rumors on the internet. It'll subside after two days. Unexpectedly, public opinion has begun to grow. Sasha is our company's endorser. If this continues, our product image will be greatly affected!"

He was worried, and so was Neera's first reaction.

She immediately looked at Twitter and found that public opinion had exploded, and Sasha's news was in the trending searches.

At first, some anti-fans criticized Sasha. Sasha's fans quickly refuted back. But as some media got involved, it gradually became worse.

After knowing the whole story, Neera looked gloomy. She keenly grasped what was wrong.

Why did such a thing happen at this time?

She realized something was wrong, but she did not panic. She first contacted Larry and planned to ask about it.

With the means of Star Entertainment Media, it was easy to suppress such news. After all, Star Entertainment Media's public relations methods in the circle were high. Not to mention Sasha's team was the best in Star Entertainment Media.

Larry said sincerely, "Ms. Garcia, the news is fake! The relative who came out to testify has always had a feud with Sasha's family. That's why he slandered Sasha. As for the news, it's not that we don't suppress it. We've done all the public relations methods, but this incident is premeditated. It should be that someone wants to deal with Sasha! That person paid for online media to spread rumors and bought internet ghostwriters to disrupt the situation."

Neera never expected things to be so complicated. "That's why this matter has become such a big deal."

Larry also had a headache. "Right now, things are getting magnified. The commenters have gotten incited by internet ghostwriters and the media and accused Sasha one-sidedly. Even if Sasha has a lot of fans, it won't be enough to deal with everyone."

He sighed, and his tone was a little more apologetic.

"Sorry, Ms. Garcia. We've started working together but caused you trouble. But don't worry. We'll deal with this matter as soon as possible. It won't affect your company's brand and products."

Neera was not angry. "It's okay. We'd never guess that someone is plotting us behind our backs."

She asked again, "Who is slandering Ms. Javer? Do you have any clues?"

"We're still investigating. It may be Sasha's opponent."

Larry rubbed his forehead and promised, "I'll speed up the process. I'll notify you as soon as I have any news."


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