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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 251

After hanging up the phone, Neera could not rest assured. If they failed to handle the matter properly, it would affect the company's product launch.

Then, their hard work would be in vain!

After thinking, she picked up her phone and sent Sammy a message.

"Dear son, I'll pick you up from school. I need your help to investigate something."

At this time, she must ask Sammy for help.

On the other side, Sammy's eyes lit up when he saw the message. Mommy needs me!

He immediately replied, "Okay."

Then, he secretly told Harvey and Penny the news. When Harvey and Penny heard that, they were worried and went to the teacher to ask for leave.

Neera glanced at Levi and ordered, "You keep an eye on the company and tell me if there's any situation."

Levi nodded in agreement. Seeing she was leaving, he could not help but ask, "Where are you going?"

Neera said, "I'll find a way to deal with this matter."

Then, she hurried off to pick up Sammy.

After arriving at the kindergarten, seeing that Harvey and Penny wanted to follow her, Neera hurriedly said, "It's not a big deal. You two don't have to worry."

However, Harvey and Penny insisted. "Mommy, we also want to help you!"

Neera felt helpless, so she took the triplets home with her. When she got home, she explained the matter.

"I suspect there's something wrong with this matter. Someone is deliberately spreading rumors behind the scenes to discredit Sasha, so I want to ask your help to investigate the source of this news on the internet."

When Sammy heard that, he immediately patted his chest and confidently assured, "Mommy, you can leave it to me! I'll find the source of the rumor as soon as possible!"


At the same time, Ian also heard about it. He sensed something was wrong, so he did not dare to delay and immediately reported it to Jean.

When Jean heard about it, he looked online immediately. After a while, he concluded coldly, "Someone premeditated this matter."

Ian nodded in agreement. "I think so, or Star Entertainment Media wouldn't be unable to suppress such rumors."

For this kind of thing, Jean usually would not intervene at all. But this time was different, Sasha cooperated with Startales, and Neera was also involved. He could not stand by and watch it.

Without thinking about it, he ordered, "Use the fastest speed to find the source of the rumors. When you find the culprits, let the Legal Department sue them. Make them bankrupt if they don't come out to apologize and clarify!"

Ian was stunned. "Sir, do you mean the Legal Department of the group headquarters?"

Jean glanced at him coldly. "Does our company have another Legal Department?"

Ian shook his head quickly. "No..." He was shocked in his heart!

The Legal Department of the Beauvort Group was the top team in Kingsview. The lawyers hired with high salaries were all leaders in the industry, and they had not lost a battle so far!

The Legal Department usually fought big lawsuits, and the business involved was worth tens of billions. It had never dealt with such trivial matters!

Jean saw through Ian's thoughts and explained, "This is the first cooperation between Star Entertainment Media and Startales, and now Sasha's incident is our fault, so we must resolve it as soon as possible. We can't break our trust with people."

Ian replied, "Yes, you're right." But he kept complaining in his heart.

Can't break the trust? How can I not know? He made an exception to use the Legal Department of the headquarters because the other party is Neera! It's the difference between treating outsiders and his wife! If it were someone else, he wouldn't care about it!

Ian had a lot of thoughts, but he did not dare to say a word. He sternly said, "Sir, don't worry. I'll deal with it as soon as possible!"


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