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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 260

Jean had also seen the news.

However, he didn't connect all the dots as Neera did; he only noticed one thing...

He realized that Kyra had caused trouble for Neera during the previous shoot.

Yet, Neera had never mentioned it to him!

Arriving at his home that evening, he didn't head directly to his place, but rather to the neighboring one, holding a bag of pastries from Susie's Cakes.

"Why did you come over? Is there something you need?" Neera asked as she opened the door, surprised by his presence.

Jean lifted the bag of pastries, gave it a little shake, and explained in a calm tone, "I happened to be passing by and got some pastries from Susie's Cakes. Thought I'd bring them over for your triplets."

Neera hadn't expected such thoughtfulness from him. She politely accepted the bag, inviting him inside.

The triplets greeted him with enthusiasm upon seeing him, "Uncle Jean, you're here! Thank you for the pastries!"

Jean chuckled, pinched Sammy's cheek, exchanged greetings with the kids, and then turned his attention back to Neera.

"I heard that Kyra caused trouble for you during the shoot. What happened?" he inquired.

Neera blinked and quickly caught on, "You're here about that, aren't you?"

Jean nodded in confirmation, admitting his intention.

Neera regarded him for a moment, then answered casually, "It's not a big deal. Just some miscommunication and a minor conflict during the shoot. Nothing worth mentioning or dwelling on."

She wasn't the type to dwell on such matters or make a big fuss about them. Once it was over, it was over, and there was no need to discuss it further.

Swiftly changing the subject, she continued, "Thanks for helping handle the public opinion this time. It's thanks to your efforts that we managed to quell the situation smoothly. And Star Entertainment Media's promotion gave our company a big advantage."

She smiled, radiant and charming, as she added, "Seems like I'm going to exceed the sales target we set before! Do you regret not having negotiated for a higher deal?"

Jean's gaze flickered slightly, a depth of emotion briefly visible in his eyes before it vanished. He responded nonchalantly, "No regrets. Your products are excellent, and their reputation and effectiveness are the best guarantee for sustained sales. If the quality was lacking, no amount of promotion would have made a difference..."

As they were chatting, Isabella's call interrupted them.

"Neera, I've scheduled Bruno's surgery for tomorrow morning at 10. Will you be performing the surgery yourself?"

Without hesitation, Neera agreed, "Yes, I'll be there to prepare in advance."


Isabella then inquired, "And what about my three little godsons and goddaughter? Who's going to look after them?"

Glancing at the triplets who were cozied up to Jean, Neera replied, "I'll take them with me to the hospital. They can wait in your office, they won't cause any trouble, and they won't wander around."

Isabella agreed, "Sounds good. I'll arrange for someone to keep an eye on them. After all, they're still kids, and we can't afford any mishaps."

Neera smiled, "Great, thank you."

Isabella teased, "No need to be so polite with me. And speaking of trouble, I'd be quite unhappy if there was any."

"Alright, I won't say anything more..."

Neera chuckled.

After a few more words, they hung up.

The triplets looked at Neera with curiosity, asking, "Mommy, are you going to the hospital tomorrow for something?"

Neera explained, "Mommy will be performing surgery on Auntie Zuniga's husband tomorrow morning. Since there'll be no one at home, I thought I'd bring you three along. You'll stay in godmother's office and wait for me. Can you promise to be good and not cause any trouble for Godmother?"

The triplets were very obedient. They nodded and said, "Got it."

Jean suddenly spoke up, "I won't be going out tomorrow. You can have them come over to my place. I'll take care of them for the day."


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