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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 261

Jean had suggested the arrangement, but Neera seemed hesitant. "You don't have to, you'll be working from home, and I'm afraid they might disturb you..."

Jean interrupted, "It won't be a bother. I have Ian and Richard at home, and besides, they're well-behaved. They won't be a distraction."

Seeing Neera still hesitating, he added, "Besides, it might be more inconvenient to take them to the hospital. It'll be crowded there, and you'll be occupied in the surgery room. It's better to keep them safe at home so you can focus on your operation."

His reasoning made sense, and after considering it for a moment, Neera smiled and thanked him, "Alright then, I appreciate your help."

The triplets were quite happy about this arrangement. It meant they could spend the entire day with Daddy alone – just the thought of it excited them.

With eager thoughts in mind, the triplets woke up early the next day and got ready to go next door.

When Neera woke up and saw that they were already dressed, she couldn't help but chuckle. It seemed like their hearts were half attached to the man next door!

After taking care of their breakfast, she took them to Jean's place.

Before leaving, she reminded them once again, "You have to be good and not cause any trouble for Uncle Jean. Don't disrupt his work, alright?"

The triplets nodded seriously, and with that, Neera headed to the hospital.

As soon as she left, the triplets obediently sat on the couch as instructed, moving quietly so as not to disturb Jean.

Jean emerged from his study with some files, and upon seeing the triplets, greeted them warmly.

Their eyes lit up at the sight of him, and they greeted him politely, "Good morning, Uncle Jean. If you're busy, you don't have to worry about us. We can take care of ourselves."

Sitting down on the couch nearby, Jean nodded with a small smile. "I'm not too busy today, just handling some simple paperwork at home. You can enjoy yourselves, and if you need anything, feel free to let me know."


With that settled, the living room returned to a peaceful state, with the only sound being the rustling of papers.

Penny was absorbed in her book, diligently studying the human body's meridian points. There were so many of them, and she hadn't memorized them all yet.

Ian, curious, leaned over to take a look and quickly found his eyes crossing.

But Penny seemed engrossed, not finding it challenging at all, which surprised him.

"With so many meridian points, do you remember them all?"

"Of course, my memory is excellent."

Penny replied in a hushed tone, not forgetting to cast a glance at Jean, careful not to disrupt him.

Ian marveled at her focus and turned his attention to the other two.

Being boys, Harvey and Sammy were more interested in playing games on their phones, thoroughly engrossed in their entertainment.

Around ten in the morning, Jean was engrossed in monitoring the stock market trends on his computer when suddenly the screen went black.

He blinked, thinking there might be an issue with his computer. But the next moment, lines of code appeared on the screen!

Ian noticed too, his face immediately turned serious. "Sire, someone is attacking your computer!"

Jean's eyes darkened instantly, his lips forming a sharp line.

The Beauvort Group's internal defense system was undergoing a comprehensive upgrade after a previous breach, and yet, he was being attacked again!

He acted swiftly, moving the computer onto his lap and typing rapidly to intercept the attack.

Despite his efforts, the assailant's assault couldn't be entirely thwarted!

Ian saw this and quickly dialed the company's network tech department.

"Has the company experienced any attacks?"

The response came swiftly, "No, everything is fine on the company's end!"

Ian's brow furrowed, and he hung up the phone, turning to report, "Sire, the company's network system hasn't been compromised. This hacker is targeting you!"

Jean's gaze grew even darker, his expression carrying a hint of menace...

Meanwhile, the triplets had been captivated by the unfolding scene.

The moment they heard words like "attack" and "hacker," Sammy's expression changed subtly, and he couldn't help but lean forward, staring at the screen.

After observing for a while, he realized that the attack style seemed familiar!

His quick mind raced, and he soon arrived at an answer.

This was the third-ranked expert on the International Hacker Ranking – Shadow!

But why would Shadow be attacking Daddy's computer?

Harvey noticed the shift in Sammy's expression and leaned in, speaking in a hushed tone. "Do you know them?"

Sammy nodded and hesitated, using his eyes to ask Harvey: Should we intervene?

Harvey pursed his lips, thought for a moment, then shook his head slightly, indicating they should wait a bit longer.

Daddy seemed pretty capable; he might be able to handle it!


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