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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 263

His words fell, but no one responded.

Ian was still immersed in shock, his face showing a sense of disbelief about life.

Jean quickly regained his focus and commanded, "Ian, immediately take a team to search the vicinity."

Ian jolted into action, responding promptly, "Understood, I'll go now."

He swiftly left with the security team.

About ten minutes later, he returned.

"Sire, we arrived at the entrance of the villa area and saw a suspicious-looking man get into a car. The vehicle left quickly, and I dispatched a team to track it. We'll report as soon as we have any updates."

Jean nodded, his eyes still as calm as an ancient well, seemingly brewing a storm, clearly seething with anger.

This attacker came with great force, and it was clear that they were not to be trifled with.

If Sammy hadn't been here today, the files on his computer would likely have been destroyed.

Although these files and data were backed up, Jean had a feeling that he was being provoked, and he wasn't pleased.

"We must find out who's behind this. I want to know who dares to target Beauvort Group!"

After giving his orders, he turned his gaze toward Sammy.

Thinking of the way Sammy's fingers had flown over the keyboard, he couldn't help but deepen his gaze. He spoke with a slight curve to his lips, "You're quite the hidden gem, little one. Where did you learn this?"

Only now did Sammy realize that he had exposed himself.

He chuckled awkwardly, scratching his head nervously. He didn't know how to respond.

He had helped out Jean because he saw that Jean was in a desperate situation. He didn't expect to reveal his abilities so carelessly.

If Mommy found out, he was sure he'd be in trouble later...

Sammy was distressed and looked to Harvey with pleading eyes, hoping for some kind of rescue.

Harvey found this amusing, but he was candid, stepping in to answer.

"Uncle Jean, Sammy has always been interested in computers. He learned some programming knowledge while abroad. However, he never had the chance to showcase his skills and didn't want to draw attention to himself. That's why you didn't know."


Sammy quickly chimed in, nodding vigorously. "Yeah, I just didn't have a chance to mention it."

Ian, listening to their explanation, was still deeply shocked.

Could learning programming grant such abilities?

When did learning become this easy?

And this kid was only five years old!

To possess such advanced skills at the age of five, wasn't that beyond belief?

He was bewildered, feeling like he was in a fantastical world, looking at the triplets as if they were magical creatures.

"Since getting to know you, I've felt like my intelligence has been trampled upon. I'm not even as smart as a five-year-old! Little guy, your skills from just now are on par with top-level hackers, right? Tell Uncle Jean honestly, are you five years old? Are you all only five years old? Huh?"

The triplets stared at him as if he were crazy.

"We are only five years old!"

Hearing this, Ian felt as though he had been struck by a thunderbolt, standing there completely stunned.

Jean, though still awed, had quickly regained his composure.

Although he was incredibly impressed, the initial shock had passed, and he had returned to his usual calm demeanor.

He could tell that Sammy and Harvey's words were half-truths, half-lies—a deliberate attempt to downplay their capabilities.

This was likely Neera's doing.

But, there was a reason behind her actions.

The kids were so young, yet each one possessed remarkable talents and extraordinary skills.

If their abilities were exposed, who knew what kind of schemes unscrupulous individuals might hatch to exploit them?

Thinking along these lines, Jean refrained from further inquiry or questions.

He glanced at the computer, which had returned to its normal interface, and a faint glint appeared in his eyes. He asked, "Sammy, do you know anything about the origin of that hacker just now?"


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