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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 262

Sammy nodded slightly and discreetly shifted his position, facing the computer screen attentively.

Jean was indeed formidable, but Shadow was not just an empty name.

At this moment, the confrontation between the two was intense and evenly matched.

Shadow relentlessly attacked the internal firewall of Jean's computer, launching a fierce and vigorous assault.

Meanwhile, Jean's system, due to ongoing upgrades, started to show signs of weakening...

Even though he tried to patch the vulnerabilities, he was repeatedly forced back.

The defensive stance grew weaker and weaker, proving increasingly difficult.

The situation was far from optimistic!

Jean's expression grew colder as a layer of ice formed in his eyes.

Ian, sensing the dire circumstances, suggested, "Sire, shall I call TorrentCloud? They could help us."

TorrentCloud was a hacker Jean had recruited at a high cost, ranking second in the international hierarchy. He should be able to handle the situation.

However, Jean stopped him.

"No time! The adversary was prepared, setting up another barrier. It would take time for TorrentCloud to breach our system. At most, I can hold out for two more minutes. In five minutes, the system will crash entirely!"

"This... What do we do? Your computer holds crucial files. If they're leaked, the consequences are unthinkable!"

Jean's face grew more serious. "If I can't stop the interception, I'll have to destroy all the data in the system before it falls into the wrong hands."

Ian couldn't help but grimace. "Damn it! Of all times, they had to choose when our company's defense system was undergoing a comprehensive upgrade."

It was the weakest moment for an interception!

Jean, aware of being outmatched, checked the time and prepared for the worst.

With one minute left, he became serious and gave up an interception, ready to destroy all the data in the system before it collapsed.

Observing his intent, Sammy didn't hesitate and abruptly revealed himself, rushing to prevent him.

"Uncle Jean, let me try!"

Before Jean could react, Sammy had already taken the computer and placed it in front of himself.

Jean was momentarily stunned, casting a surprised glance at him.

Ian tried to retrieve the computer, his hand reaching out, "Geez, it's come to this, and now you're getting involved..."

However, Harvey stood in his way, resolute. "It's fine, Mr. Assistant. Let my brother try. I believe he can handle the situation."

In the time it took to speak these sentences, Sammy had begun his work.

Ian and Jean watched, dumbfounded, as the young boy's fingers danced across the keyboard, typing out lines of code in rapid succession, without any hesitation!

It was a truly astonishing sight. Ian's mouth hung open, wide enough to fit an egg.

Jean was equally surprised, his gaze locked onto the scene before him.

He could tell that this wasn't just random typing; these codes were methodically constructed.

But... how was this possible?

Sammy was so young, yet how could he be so adept at coding?

For the first time in his life, Jean felt like his worldview was shattering, disbelief evident in his eyes.

Sammy, ignoring their stares, focused entirely on the computer screen, gradually countering Shadow's attack.

After a few minutes, Jean noticed that Shadow's assault was gradually weakening.

Not only that, but the computer's defense system was also gradually strengthening, becoming more refined.

About fifteen minutes later, Sammy finally stopped.

He flexed his slightly stiff wrists and reported to Jean earnestly, "Uncle Jean, the attacker has ceased their assault. None of your computer's files have been leaked. Moreover, I used a method of reverse tracing to pinpoint their location nearby. You can send someone out to search for any suspicious individuals!"


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