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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 272

After hanging up, Neera brought the three of them straight to the restaurant.

When they arrived, they only ordered a few dishes.

While they waited for the waiter to serve them the dishes, Neera’s phone gave a little ring to indicate a notification.

It was the bank. The message informed her that she had just received an influx of money.

When she saw how many zeroes followed the first digit, she thought that she was seeing things.

She repeatedly checked the number of zeroes, and only then did she gasp in astonishment. She had just received one hundred million dollars!

She was utterly shocked. She was not expecting any payment of any sort these days, so that could only mean that this was the compensation that Sammy earned today.

She would never know that her son was able to earn so much.

She showed the screen of her phone to Sammy after she snapped out of her astonishment. She sounded aghast.

"What task did you just do today? What’s with this huge sum of money?"

Sammy was also surprised to see such a huge amount of money. He did not expect Jean to pay so handsomely for his work.

He was able to provide a sensible response. "The system is state-of-the-art. It’s way more advanced compared to the previous version. That’s why it fetches such a good price."

Neera did not know what to make of that answer since she was not familiar with the technology. However, there was one thing that she knew. A good internal defense system played an important role in protecting a company’s data.

She did not suspect Sammy’s answer at all. She was just amazed by it.

She could not wrap her head around the fact that her son earned much more than her. It was really a strange and inexplicable feeling…

Neera was proud of him, but at the same time, she was languishing in self-defeat too.

She vowed to work harder so that she could provide for her family. It would be laughable if word got out that her sons, as children, were able to provide for her instead. Imagine how ridiculous that would sound.

As she was reeling from the shock, Jean arrived.

The triplets saw him, and they immediately showed a sense of excitement. They were very friendly toward him.

"Uncle Jean, you’re here! Come have a seat!"

Jean sat down with a gentle, fatherly smile on his face. He sat opposite Neera.

Neera shoved a menu at him and said, "We ordered a few dishes just now. Take a look at the menu and see if you want to order anything else."

Jean saw that she had ordered quite a few dishes, so he replied, "It’s fine. This is enough."

Sammy was seated right next to him. When Neera was preoccupied, he whispered to Jean, "Uncle Jean, why did you pay such a huge sum to us?"

Jean lowered his voice and replied, "The system that you installed is worth that much."

Sammy’s admiration for him only increased after hearing that. He raised his thumb at Jean and said, "Uncle Jean, you’re really generous!"

In no time, the dishes were served. They began to dig into their food. The ambience was really nice.

Jean realized that eating with them always put him in a good mood. He felt strangely relaxed and had a greater appetite. He had never felt better than this.

Neera poured herself a glass of water to toast to Jean as a substitute for alcohol.

"I have to thank you for your timely help throughout the whole thing. After the products were launched, the reception was really overwhelming. Thank you so much."

Jean raised his brows and clinked his glass with hers. He replied, "It’s nothing. That's all I can do."

The triplets continued to devour their food, but at the same time, they stole glances at Neer and Jean. They almost wanted to mock them for their interaction.

Neera and Jean had known each other for some time, yet they acted as if they were not really familiar with each other. The triplets were saddened by the lack of intimacy between them.

It did not feel like the two of them would have a spark of romance anytime soon!

The triplets wondered when their family would really resemble a real one. One in which everyone in it loved each other unconditionally.

Neera was oblivious to their thoughts, of course. In the middle of her meal, she got up to go to the washroom.

However, when she was in the corridor, she bumped into people from the Garcia and Fain families!

The two families looked like they had just arrived. They were making their way toward a suite.

At first, they did not notice that Neera was there. They were talking about something.

Harley was laughing. "Alfonso, Startales is the talk of the town today. I can’t believe that your sister has been hiding the ace in her sleeve for so long while she is overseas. She controls a huge corporation, yet she never makes this knowledge known to you, not even in a single detail. If Startales didn’t make the news today, you will still be in the dark about this, I figure."

Alfonso was not happy to hear that.

He never anticipated that Adriana would own such a massive corporation overseas!


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