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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 273

Just this morning, the Garcias were having headaches about the current situation in the Garcia Group. Suddenly, there was breaking news. Neera was the main focus of the news.

At first, they intuitively thought that there must be some ugly scandal surrounding her.

However, they kept their eyes on the latest developments and found that there was more to Neera than met the eye!

It turned out that not only was Neera the boss of ANXIN Group, but she was also the managing CEO of Startales. She was the main person behind the hot cosmeceutical products that became the talk of the town…

Her background was really solid!

At first, Alfonso could not believe what he learned.

He, out of everyone here, should have known the extent of Neera’s capabilities. There was no way she could achieve so much!

When Susan and Roxanne learned the news, they both snorted.

"What kind of rubbish are they reporting nowadays? There is so much fake news now. How can something like that be a hot topic? This is really a joke!"

"She is nothing more than a clueless girl from the countryside. A country bumpkin, they say! How can she suddenly turn into the mastermind behind some international corporations? It must be Neera who manipulated the mass media to paint such a rosy picture of herself!"

At this point, a dark look appeared on Roxanne’s face. She said, "If word gets out that she actually fabricated all of these, nothing could save her at that point. She might turn into a laughingstock! She will be ridiculed by the whole nation!"

Fueled by her thirst for revenge, Roxanne sent someone to look into this.

She planned to expose Neera for what she thought was an attempt to spread fake news.

She wanted Neera to suffer a complete fall from grace!

However, when the outcome of her investigation was revealed, Roxanne was utterly shocked.

It was true that Neera controlled Startales at the moment, and the director of ANXIN Group was none other than Adriana!

So the news was all true!

Roxanne could not conceal the hideous expression that slowly took shape on her face.

She was beyond jealous!

Neera was nothing more than a damned b*tch in her eyes. How could she hold such important positions?

When Alfonso learned the truth, he too was shocked. He immediately called Adriana’s number and interrogated her.

"Is the ANXIN Group under your administration all along? Is Startales one of your subsidiary companies? Do you really hand the company over to Neera?"

Adriana expected this to happen. She did not plan to hide the truth for long, and this was a good chance to reveal everything.

"Yes, I am indeed the director of ANXIN Group. It is just like what you saw on the news. Do you have any problems?’

How thick-skinned could she be? How could she talk about this matter as if nothing was wrong with it?

Yes, I sure as hell have a problem with this!

Alfonso could not believe that Adriana only cared about her own interest when she expanded her own corporation overseas. The Garcia Group was deteriorating, yet Adriana never lent a helping hand!

When Neera returned to the country, Adriana even handed the reins to such an important subsidiary to Neera. Adriana had no intention to extend any assistance to the Garcia family at all!

Alfonso would not let this slide like this. While he was still fuming, the Fain family came calling.

"Alfonso, do you have time tonight? Let’s have dinner together. We should take this chance to talk about Zachary and Roxanne. Their marriage is long overdue, so we should set the date as soon as possible. It’s not right of us to delay this important matter."

Harley was unusually energetic, judging by the way his voice quivered.

Alfonso finally knew the reason. The Fain family was so eager to establish a tie with them because of ANXIN Group.

The Fain Group had been eyeing the overseas market for a long time, but they had always fallen short.

Now, if they joined forces with the ANXIN Group, walls would come down and difficult knots would unravel by themselves. They would have an easier path to venturing into the international market.

The Fain family did not even try to hide their intention. Even Roxanne could sense it…

That was why she continued to have that hideous expression on her face. Nothing could lift her mood now, not even the prospect of marriage.

This was because Adriana had always doted on Neera. Adriana never liked Roxanne.

Adriana severed all ties with the Garcia family precisely because of Neera!

Roxanne knew that the success of the ANXIN Group had nothing to do with her or the Garcia family, for that matter. Her cruel aunt would never help any of them!

Despite knowing that, marrying Zachary… was still her only chance.

She had to make sure the marriage was a success. She had to do it as soon as possible so that there would not be any variables that could alter her current situation in the future.

She had to give her jealousy a rest. She put on some makeup and decided to attend the meet-up with the Fain family.

However, she bumped into Neera instead!


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