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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 279

As Jean watched Neera’s gentle demeanor, he could feel the frustration in him slowly fade away. He even felt like laughing for some reason.

Neera caught sight of his smiling face. She looked at him suspiciously.

"Why are you smiling like that?"

Jean answered lazily, "Normally, you are always brash and adamant, and you never fear anyone. Now, after getting an earful from your kids, it seems that you lose some of your energy, huh?"

Neera recalled how the triplets were scolding her in the car, and she could not suppress her sense of embarrassment.

Her face slowly turned red, but she tried not to let her embarrassment show.

"I listened to them because I don’t want them to worry about me. They must have been scared out of their wits after what happened just now, so I have to listen to them seriously. That way, they know that I’m not taking this matter lightly."

Jean’s eyes were bottomless. Something flashed by in those dark pits.

Neera and the triplets only had each other to care for. They must view each other as the most important people in their lives.

If tragedy really struck them, none of them would be able to take it.

Their bond somehow touched him deep down in his heart. He was not a talkative person, but he decided to give her a piece of his mind.

"If you know that they would be worried, you should always watch your surroundings carefully. If I hadn’t acted in time, tragedy would have happened. Putting aside the fact that you would get hurt, who could take care of them afterward?"

Neera felt slightly annoyed at the repetitive advice. She talked back at him, "I know, I know! Stop giving me another earful. The triplets have reminded me enough, so do I really need to get an earful from you too? I know. I will be more careful next time and not make the same mistake again. Got it?"

Jean’s face sank a little when he saw the desperate look on her face. He replied, "I am hurt because of you, yet you can’t let me say something?"

Neera was stumped. She had no words for his reply.

In the end, she muttered, "You can tell me off however you want, but you better not go overboard!"

Jean felt funny to hear that statement, but at the same time, he no longer felt the need to reprimand her.

After all, he was not someone who would pick up on her mistakes repeatedly.

He changed the topic.

"I heard from your phone call just now that you bumped into those from the Fain family. It was at the restaurant, right? What happened?"

"About that…"

Neera pursed her lips. She quickly summarized to Jean what had transpired.

When Jean heard the whole story, he said nothing at first.

He now knew even more about the dynamic between Neera and the Garcia family.

Ian, who was around them, could not hold back on giving his opinion.

"The Garcia family is truly shameless! They never cared about you in the past, but now that they got wind of you and your aunt’s success, they somehow came to the conclusion that they were going to own the ANXIN Group. What a delusional bunch of people! This is the first time I’ve heard of shameless people like that."

Neera’s eyes were frosty. She snickered coldly. "Yeah, you’re damn right about that."

She did not want to linger on the topic regarding the Garcia family so that her mood would not be affected. She changed the topic after this.

"Are you feeling better now? Is your wrist still hurting a lot?"

Jean slightly rotated his wrist and mumbled, "It doesn’t feel too different."

Upon hearing that, Neera frowned.

"How can that be? Do you want to visit the doctor tomorrow? What if you hurt your bones? I think it would be a good idea to get your hand examined."

"There’s no need for that." Jean pressed on his wrist and continued, "If my bones really hurt that much, I wouldn’t be able to feel my hand anymore. Do you think you can still massage my wrist like that?"

Neera thought that he had a point. She took his hand again and continued to massage it.

Jean looked down at her pale skin and at her slender fingers. For some reason, he was entranced.

In fact, this was just a minor injury. He no longer felt that much pain compared to just now.

Despite that, he told Neera that he was still in pain.

Why would he want her to rub his wrist even longer than she needed to? What was he thinking?


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