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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 280

Neera continued to massage Jean for some time. When Jean was finally satisfied, Neera returned home.

The following morning, she sent the triplets to school as usual.

When she was about to head to the company, she received a call from Jean.

"What’s the matter?"

On the other end of the phone, Jean’s voice was quite hoarse. He said, "Do you have time now? If you are able to, come with me to the mansion."

Why is he asking me to accompany him back there?

Neera was confused. She asked, "What’s wrong?"

Jean replied curtly, "My mother is sick. I need to pay her a visit."

Neera had no qualms following him this time.

"Alright, I’ve just sent the kids to school. Wait for me for twenty minutes. I’ll see you by then."

There were no pressing matters awaiting her at the company anyway since her products were a success, whether it was online sales or sales in the physical shop.

With Levi at the helm of things, she did not need to worry too much.

Jean waited for him at Imperial Gardens. When she arrived, they departed for the mansion.

The butler, Mr. Jenkins, was already waiting for them. He was very polite.

"Mr. and Mrs. Beauvort, Madam is waiting for you in the room."

Jean asked, "Did you summon the doctor? What happened?"

Mr. Jenkins replied honestly, "Madam has been dizzy since two days ago, and her condition worsened just earlier in the day. Ms. Bridges just came to tend to Madam. She is still upstairs."

Jean grabbed his forehead wordlessly. Then he led Neera upstairs, and they entered Wrenn’s room.

When Joanna heard some noise, she looked up, and the moment she met Jean’s eyes, her face brightened up. She eagerly got up to greet him.

"Mr. Beauvort, you’re back."

However, the moment she said that, she also saw Neera, who was behind him. Immediately, her excitement disappeared into thin air.

It was that woman again. Why did she have to be around him at all times?

Jean did not even acknowledge Joanna’s presence as he asked Wrenn, "Mom, how are you feeling?"

Joanna bit her lips vehemently and replied on Wrenn's behalf so that she could talk to him.

"I think Madam is simply weakened because of the changing weather. It’s not a big deal. I have administered some medicine to her, and she should be fine after taking it in the coming days. You have nothing to worry about, Mr. Beauvort."

Upon hearing that, Jean nodded without any expression on his face. He sat down on the bed and asked Wrenn, "Are you sure you don’t want to get yourself checked at the hospital?"

Wrenn, who was in bed, shook her head.

"There’s no need for that. It’s just pegging sickness. Joanna’s medicine still works wonders. I am feeling better now after taking it in the morning."

Joanna secretly stole a glance at Neera upon hearing Wrenn’s kind words.

However, Neera simply found her amusing. She continued to ignore Joanna.

Jean did not notice anything strange between the two women. He continued to chat with Wrenn.

"It’s great that you’re fine, but if your condition worsens, you better visit the hospital for a check-up. You can even ask Neera for help, as she’s quite proficient herself. Furthermore, she’s family, so you have nothing to worry about."

When Joanna heard that, she could not help but find herself in a bad mood.

Was Jean saying that Joanna was an outsider now?

He was even addressing Neera with a sense of intimacy that she had never noticed before!

How could this be?

A turbulent wave of jealousy quickly enveloped Joanna.

She gritted her teeth and tried to defend herself.

"Mr. Beauvort, I know more about Madam’s condition compared to Ms. Garcia here. What’s more, Madam’s body has always been susceptible to the changing weather, and the only way to improve her health is to allow her to recuperate slowly. Even if Ms. Garcia takes over now, she won’t be able to accelerate the healing process anyway."

She braced herself and tried to come up with an even stronger argument.

"Also, don’t you think you’re being too cold with me? Although I am not a member of the Beauvort family, Madam and I have a long history, and we always share a good relationship. You shouldn’t think of me as an outsider since I always view Madam as an elder person whom I respect. I am more than willing to do anything in my power to serve her."


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