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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 28

Neera did not look too surprised when she heard that. She said calmly, "He's not okay, of course! Judging from his condition, he doesn't have long to live."

Ian's face turned pale when he heard that. "Dr. Garcia, I hope you didn't joke around with your patient's life!"

Jean glared sullenly at Neera.

Neera smirked slightly. "Before I came here, I'd already read through your medical records. The most serious symptom isn't the deterioration of your health but this d*mned neuralgia."

"What do you mean?" Ian did not understand.

Jean furrowed his brows and squeezed several hoarse words from his mouth. "Do you mean… all my problems originate from my neuralgia?"

"That's right!" Neera said seriously. "Nerve disorders can torment a patient not only physically but also mentally! According to my observations, you might have the most severe type of neuralgia. The pain can't be suppressed by painkillers or sleeping pills, and even if you pass out, the pain might cause you to regain consciousness. It's the kind of pain that makes a person want to take their own life. I guess all the other doctors think that your other symptoms are the cause of your neuralgia, but in actuality, it's the other way around! That's why the medicines they gave you don't work! You've been tormented by nerve pain over several years, and you can't sleep well because of that. That's the reason why your health has deteriorated!"

Jean was surprised to hear that.

He thought about it carefully and realized what Neera said was true.

At first, the symptoms of his illness manifested as frequent headaches. He thought he had overworked himself.

After that, his nerve endings began to hurt, and his health began to decline. Naturally, he attributed the pain to his declining health.

Now that Neera had analyzed the situation to him, he realized the root of the problem.

"I see!" Ian exclaimed. His expression turned serious. "Dr. Garcia, is neuralgia completely treatable? To be frank, whenever the symptoms manifest, not only would Sire not be able to sleep, but he'll also… also…"

He hesitated and wondered if he should say it.

Neera completed his sentence, "He'll also have temper tantrums and go berserk."

"Yes…" Ian said with much difficulty.

He had been working as Jean's assistant for many years. No one knew better than him what Jean was like whenever his illness struck.

Jean would lose all sense of civility and transform into a hostile and destructive beast.

No one would dare to go near him when that happened.

His family had managed to keep his condition from the public. They only said that he had poor health.

Now that Neera had discovered the symptoms, there was no need to hide it from her.

Neera did not seem too surprised when she heard that. "That's normal for any patient with the same symptoms. It's impossible to keep oneself sane when struck by excruciating nerve pain!"

Ian was worried. "How can you be so calm, Dr. Garcia? If you can diagnose his illness, can you treat it?"

"That's easy for you to say," Neera said while rolling her eyes at him. "His illness would be easily treatable at an early stage. Now that he's almost dying from exhaustion, it'll take a long time to treat him, and it won't be easy."

"But that doesn't mean it's impossible, right?"

Jean gritted his teeth and stared at Neera.

Neera did not immediately give him an answer.

She knew the way of completely curing him, but she did not have a reason to help him to that extent.

Her treatment methods were also very taxing on her body. Every time she administered acupuncture, she would be completely exhausted by the end of it.

Jean seemed to know what Neera was thinking. He said, "What do you want? Money? Status? I'll satisfy your needs as long as you're willing to help me! If… five million dollars can buy ten consultation sessions, I'll pay you fifty million dollars for another fifty sessions. How about… I'll pay you two hundred million dollars, and you're mine for a year. Is that enough?"

Neera was at a loss for a reply. She was shocked by how careless the man was with his finances.

However, she soon realized that his words did not sound right.

What do you mean by "You're mine"? That's a horrible pickup line!


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