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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 29

Neera said sternly after an extended pause, "Excuse me! I'm not for sale or rent!"

Even though the offer of two hundred million dollars was very tempting, she had other things to do, and she would not have the time or energy to treat him.

She did not want to make empty promises when she was not sure if she had the time.

Ian was worried when he saw how quickly she declined the offer. "Dr. Garcia, are you not happy with the amount offered? You can let us know how much you want, and we'll try to match it!"

Jean did not say anything, which meant that he agreed with what Ian said.

Neera shook her head and said, "It's not about the price but my time. I'll be very busy very soon, and I don't think I'll have time to treat you. I can only say no for now."

Ian wanted to continue to convince her, but Jean did not intend to make her life difficult. "If that's the case, I won't impose on you, Doctor."

He dropped the topic after that. Clearly, he did not want to force her to do something she did not want.

Ian had no choice but to drop the topic too, and the room fell into silence.

About fifteen minutes later, Neera went to the bed and deftly removed all the needles.

Jean's complexion was pale, and he seemed lethargic.

Neera noticed that. She pinched a certain spot on his body and asked, "How do you feel when I pinch here?"

Jean's body stiffened. He said, "It hurts."

"How about here?" Neera asked after switching to another spot.

"It hurts too."

"How about here? Or here?" Neera pinched several spots consecutively. She went all over Jean's body.

Jean frowned and glared at her.

If I hadn't known she doesn't have any ulterior motives, I would've thought she was trying to violate me!

He took a deep breath and tried to take his mind off the pinching. "It hurts too," he said coldly.

Neera nodded and pulled her hand away. She took a bottle from her briefcase, dispensed a pill, and handed it to Jean. "Eat this. It'll help you alleviate the pain and restore some of your vitality. I'll prepare the bath for you."

Jean nodded, took the pill from Neera, and sat up from his bed.

Seeing that there was nothing else he could do, Ian left the room.

After he left, Jean went into the bathroom.

He saw Neera fiddling around with the controls of the bathtub.

The bathtub had many high-tech features. Neera could not find the button that dispensed water.

Jean smiled when he saw that. He was about to reach out to help Neera when she pressed a random button.

Jean quickly blurted, "Don't touch…"

Before he could finish, water gushed out of the shower head above Neera.

Neera was shocked. She pressed the button again and turned around to look at Jean. "Why didn't you tell me earlier?"

Jean glanced at her and said, "You didn't ask!"

"Why do you need such a fancy gadget to take a bath?" she grumbled as she lowered her head to look at herself.

The top of her body was drenched. Her white shirt became translucent and clung to her body.

The right side of her hair was dripping with water. She looked like a mess, but there was a certain sensuality to it.

Neera did not notice that. She was preoccupied with sweeping the water droplets from her hair.

Jean moved his gaze away from her voluptuous body. He took a clean towel from the drawer and handed it to her. "Here, use this to dry yourself."

Neera grabbed the towel from his hands and wiped her hair.

Meanwhile, Jean filled the bathtub with water. "Is this temperature okay?" he asked.

Neera reached into the bathtub and touched the water. "It needs to be hotter. That'll make your body absorb the nutrients more readily."

Jean added hot water to the tub. He stopped when Neera tried it again and said it was hot enough.

Neera threw the towel aside and began to add medicinal herbs to the water.

Each of the herbs had different functions. The order of soaking the herbs mattered.

Neera threw half of the herbs into the tub and handed the rest to Jean. "Put these in after you've soaked for ten minutes. Timing is very important if you want to recover quickly!"

Jean took the herbs and nodded. "How long should I be soaking in the tub?"

"Twenty minutes will do," Neera answered. "The herbs can calm your mind, and you might find it easier to fall asleep tonight. However, you shouldn't soak yourself for too long. It won't give you any benefit."

Jean nodded and said, "Okay."

Neera turned around and prepared to leave the bathroom.

Suddenly, the light in the bathroom flickered.

In the next second, the electricity was cut, and the entire mansion was plunged into darkness.


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