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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 30

Neera's entire body jerked, and she let out a yelp.

Her first instinct was to grab Jean's arm and not let go.

"What… What happened? Why is It pitch-black all of a sudden?"

Jean did not know what happened, though he guessed they were in the middle of a blackout.

His eyes quickly adjusted to the darkness, and he turned his head to look at the woman next to him.

"There's probably a blown fuse somewhere. Nothing to be afraid about."

Neera was still grasping his arm tightly, and he could sense that she was trembling. Curiously, he raised his eyebrows.

Jean had known Neera to be professional and assertive. He did not expect that she would be afraid of the dark.

"I'll go out and take a look." He wagged his arm to indicate that she should let go.

"Don't… Don't leave me!"

Neera did not want to let go. She huddled closer to him and looked around her nervously.

She was very afraid of the dark. That was because of an incident while she was in Essley.

Back then, she was in medical college while pregnant with the triplets.

The incident happened when she was almost due. While conducting research in the laboratory, one of her classmates locked the door on his way out, forgetting that Neera was still inside.

She did not realize that, and she continued to conduct her research until it was dark. Suddenly, she felt contractions in her womb, and she realized that she had to get to the hospital.

That was when she realized the door was locked. Furthermore, it was raining heavily outside, and the electricity went out.

She felt helpless, and she could only cower in a corner of the laboratory.

Eventually, someone discovered her and rushed her to the hospital, though she could not imagine the consequences if she was not saved!

That was why she had developed a deep-seated fear of the dark.

The bathroom was so dark that she could not see her hands. She clung helplessly to Jean, desperately seeking a sense of safety.

Jean could sense her fear. He could not bear to push her away, so he could only try to comfort her.

"You'll be fine. I'll bring you out of the room. Just hold on tight to me, okay?"

He took her hand.

Neera lifted her head. In the darkness, she could see his handsome silhouette. She nodded and carefully inched her way out of the bathroom.

She was still very nervous. While stumbling her way across the bedroom, her knee bumped into the coffee table, and she fell forward.

Jean instinctively reached out to steady her. However, the acupuncture treatment earlier had exhausted him. Not only did he fail to stop her from falling, but he also fell forward together with her.

They landed on the carpet.

Jean was under Neera. He could sense her softness on his chest. There was also something soft, warm, and moist on his chin.

Soon, he realized that it was her lips!

Neera also realized what happened. She froze in place.

The atmosphere became awkward. Time seemed to have stopped.

After some time, Jean gently patted her and said hoarsely, "You should get up first."

Neera did not reply. She was pretending that she had passed out.

Ian came into the room holding a flashlight.

"Sire, the electricity got cut earlier, and I've already gotten someone to look into it. Please wait…"

Seeing the man and woman on the floor in front of him, he was stunned before he finished the sentence.

Wait, did I interrupt something? I was only gone for a moment, but they're already making out on the carpet! That's a little too fast, isn't it? Darkness might present the perfect opportunity for naughty deeds, but this is… too violent!

Neera could sense light. She awkwardly stood up and turned her head away.

Jean also slowly stood up. Seeing that he was clumsy, she realized that his body was not in good condition. "Are you okay?" she asked.

"I'm fine." Jean nodded.

He realized that his voice was raspy, as though he had sand in his mouth.

What's this tingling sensation inside me? We were only touching each other for less than a minute…

This is ridiculous!

Many women had tried to get intimate with him, but he never had any reaction.

Why would the reaction be so great this time?

The more Jean thought about it, the more annoyed he became. "Make it quick!" he urged Ian.

Meanwhile, in the mansion next door, the triplets sat in a row in front of the third-floor window. Sammy had a laptop in his hands.

After seeing the lights go out, they high-fived each other. "Good job!"

Harvey was the most cautious of the three. He glanced at the code on the computer screen and asked Sammy, "Have you erased your tracks? Don't get caught."

Sammy thumped his chest and said confidently, "You have nothing to worry about, Harvey. I've already done that."

Penny clasped her hands together and said, "Daddy, please protect Mommy. She's afraid of the dark…"


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