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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 342

Chapter 342 Bringing His Wife Back

Jean’s eyes narrowed slightly, and he looked sideways at him, “What’s going on?”


lan quickly reported what he found out in detail.


“Sonny is interested in the core formula of Ms. Garcia’s cosmeceutical product. I just got the news that Sonny has ordered someone to investigate in private, but Startales has done a good job of keeping secrets, didn’t reveal anything, guess it’s because of this reason that he took the initiative to invite Ms. Garcia, and now he’s discussing with Ms. Garcia in the VIP room, this might be a grand banquet to lure her into the trap!”

Jean’s expression darkened instantly.

Realizing that his young master was obviously unhappy, lan’s heart tightened, and he asked quickly, “Sire, what are you going to do?”

Jean’s voice was very cold, as if it was wrapped in ice, it sent chills down people’s spines.

“What else can I do? Of course, go and bring her back!”

As he said it, Jean had already taken a step forward, walking down.

lan was stunned.

His Sire… Wanted to bring her back in person?

That was not good!

lan’s heart sank, and he quickly waved behind him.

After a while, a group of bodyguards appeared one after another, and followed them well…

At this moment, Neera was still confronting Sonny.

Obviously, neither of them showed sullen expressions, but Levi felt tremendous pressure invisibly.

His brows became tighter and tighter. He wanted to say something, but he was worried about, causing trouble to Neera, so he could only shut up and complain in his heart.

This Crimea Group was too domineering!

This was forcing them to take up the deal!

Although Neera’s eyes were dark, she was not oppressed at all, and she was very calm.

Although the Crimea Group was powerful and influential in the country and ranked among the top five families, it was not enough to make her afraid.

She got up, looked down at Sonny from a high position, without losing any confidence, and lightly expressed her attitude.

He raised one hand and gestured to the assistant behind him.


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