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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 343

Chapter 343 Forcing Neera to Beg For Mercy and Compromise

After he finished speaking, he glanced sideways at the assistant.


The latter raised his fist and hit Levi on the ground.


Neera’s expression instantly went cold, and there was strong anger in her eyes!

Sonny was obviously forcing her to sign it. If she did not sign, he wouldn’t let his people stop!

Levi was just a senior leader of the company, this matter had nothing to do with him, but now he suffered such humiliation and injury because of her!

Levi obviously thought of this too, but yelled out indignantly with pain, out of his mouthful of blood.

“Neera, don’t sign it! Report… To the police! I don’t believe that the police will ignore that they beat people for no reason…”

He uttered the sentence intermittently, and before he finished speaking, he was hit hard several times, and he groaned in pain.

Neera saw it and was wary.

However, she had seen many things, and she was thinking straight.

After a short thought, she quickly took out her mobile phone and took a clear picture of Sonny’s assistant beating someone.

Sonny was calm at first, but now he was a little puzzled.

“Ms. Garcia, what are you doing…? Your subordinate is being beaten up, and you still have the mood to watch the fun here?”

Neera held the phone calmly.

“Of course I’m not in the mood to watch the fun. I’m just taking evidence. I’ve taken pictures of everything that happened now and will send it to my assistant! Sonny, you maliciously beat my subordinates. You may go to the police station and explain it clearly to the police later! As for this consent form, I can’t sign it!”

After finishing speaking, she put away her mobile phone without looking at it, picked up the contract, and tore it into pieces in front of Sonny.

Then, she raised her hand and threw it towards Sonny’s face without hesitation, slapping him across the face.

Neera was not afraid at all, and looked at him coldly, “Sonny, your threat is useless to me! I have always accepted the soft approach and never the hard way, so what if your Crimea family is one of the five major families? I am not afraid at all!”

Sonny didn’t expect at all that she dared to behave this way. After being stunned for a moment, he suddenly burst out laughing.


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