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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 35

Neera felt a little awkward.

Why do I always meet this man under embarrassing circumstances? Is this some sort of reverse luck?

On the other hand, the triplets were very excited to see him. They opened their eyes wide and stared unblinkingly at Jean.

It's Daddy! We meet again!

Harvey was the first to come to his senses. He nodded slightly and greeted him, "Good afternoon, Mr. Handsome."

Sammy charged forward and gripped the fence as though he wanted to squeeze through it. "You're so handsome today!"

Jean was dressed formally today. He wore a bespoke black suit that emphasized his broad shoulders and lean waist, and his pants were so neatly pressed that not a wrinkle was seen.

His powerful demeanor and impeccable face gave him the air of a king.

Penny was also dumbfounded. She walked toward the fence and stared at Jean through the bars.

"Were you outside earlier, Mr. Handsome? Are you feeling better?"

Even though Jean knew about the circumstances where Neera conceived the children, Jean could not help but warm up to them.

He said gently, "Mm. I just got back. I feel good today."

After the medicinal bath yesterday, he had a good night's sleep.

He woke up this morning feeling refreshed, and he felt energetic throughout the day.

He finished his tasks in the office ahead of schedule and returned home early. He did not expect to hear a dog yelping and some people chattering as soon as he got back.

He went over to the fence and saw that comedic scene.

Penny could tell that Jean was suspecting something. She explained, "Mr. Handsome, Cece here wanted to go across the fence and retrieve the ball that rolled over there, but it got stuck and can't get out. Can you help it somehow?"

Jean hesitated when he heard that.

He had never touched an animal before!

However, he could not resist Penny and Cece's puppy eyes.

He nodded and crouched in front of Cece before trying to lift the puppy up.

After two attempts, he found that the puppy was truly stuck.

"Looks like I need to get someone to bend the bars."

He nodded at Ian, indicating him to bring reinforcements.

Neera felt even more embarrassed.

She had just broken Jean's window. Now, she caused the common fence between their houses to be bent. Did she have to compensate Jean again?

Her finances were already tight, and she could not afford to pay any more damages.

However, she also could not pretend that she was not responsible. She said, "Thanks. How much would it cost to repair the fence? I'll pay you whenever I can…"

The triplets also said, "Thank you, Mr. Handsome."

Jean did not mind it. "It's fine. It won't be expensive anyway."

Very soon, Ian came back with a toolbox and two bodyguards behind him.

Cece regained its freedom a few minutes later. It wagged its tail and ran around in circles.

The triplets happily danced around the puppy.

Neera picked it up and made sure it was not injured before breathing a sigh of relief.

"Thank you so much, Mr. Handsome!" Penny said sweetly.

Sammy nodded and said, "That's right, Mr. Handsome. If not for you, Cece would still be stuck! Would you like to come over and have some tea? Mommy's brews are good for your health!"


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