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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 36

Jean wanted to decline, but his curiosity was piqued when he heard that the tea was good for his health.

He swallowed the words that were on the tip of his tongue.

Earlier, the woman had given him some medicinal soup, saying that it was good for his health. Indeed, he felt a lot better after drinking it.

He was pretty confident that anything the woman made was good for his health.

If that were the case, he did not need to have any doubts.

"I happened to buy some cakes and pastries on my way home. We can have tea together."

The triplets cheered happily and dragged him toward the yard.

"Come over here, Mr. Handsome! The weather is perfect, and we shouldn't stay indoors. Why don't we have tea at the gazebo?"

Neera was speechless.

She felt a pang of jealousy when she saw the triplets drag the man into the backyard.

What's gotten into them? Why do they seem to forget their mother whenever this man is around?

Are they still my beloved triplets?

Even though she was reluctant to have Jean over, she went to the kitchen to prepare tea for everyone anyway.

Five minutes later, Neera brought a tray over to the gazebo in the backyard.

The way she brewed her tea was not as straightforward as tossing a tea bag into a pot of hot water. Instead, she went through many complicated steps.

Jean observed her every step. He narrowed his gaze, impressed that Neera knew the traditional art of tea-making.

"I didn't expect you'd know how to do that."

Jean could tell that Neera was very skilled.

Neera shot a glance at him but did not take the comment to heart.

"I've learned tea-making rituals, but I'm not a professional. In any case, this is medicinal tea. It's not your typical tea."

She poured the tea into a kettle and set it on a flame.

In a short moment, the fragrance of the tea and herbs spilled out and filled the gazebo.

The tea was Neera's personal recipe and included various herbs and flowers.

Jean took in the delightful scent. He hesitated for a long time before curiosity got the better of him, and he asked, "Does everything you make have medicinal herbs in it?"

He even wondered if Neera had a cellar full of medicinal herbs in the house.

As he spoke, he took the porcelain cup that was filled with tea.

His bony knuckles were a pleasing sight.

Neera stared at them for a second too long and slowly turned her head away. She blew into her cup and said, "I can make you another drink if you want."

Don't you know how expensive this tea is? I don't usually let strangers drink this!

Jean wanted to ask if she had another tea, but the triplets stopped him. "No! Mr. Handsome, you should drink this tea. It's really good for you!"

Sammy wagged his stubby legs and raised his cup at Jean.

Penny began to explain, "Mr. Handsome, this tea is made with my mommy's recipe, and it's good for your lungs and stomach. It might smell strong, but it's the highest quality tea. You can't buy it elsewhere!"

Jean's icy gaze softened when he saw how serious the little girl was.

"Oh? I should drink a few more cups then."

He finished the tea in his cup while holding his breath and asked for another cup.

The triplets were very happy to see that. They chatted with him and served him a slice of cake.

Neera could not help but sigh when she saw that. Why do they like the man so much? I feel so neglected!


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