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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 358

Chapter 358 Does She Want Him Dead?
Neera did not notice anything wrong, so she blinked in surprise.
“That quick? Are you sure it doesn’t hurt anymore?” She was skeptical.
When she massaged him just now, she could feel the tension in his body. How could he heal this quickly?
Jean’s eyes were dark, his Adam’s apple bobbing as he wrestled to suppress his inner turmoil. He cleared his throat and managed to compose himself.
“The pain subsided greatly. Don’t worry, you don’t need to massage me anymore.” His voice, though somewhat strained, his expression returned normal and convinced Neera he was not lying.
“It appears my massaging technique is rather effective. If your recovery continues at this pace, this method might be the best! I’ve considered numerous treatment strategies during this period and wanted to try this out. If it’s this effective every time, I’d use this method in the future.”
She moved her wrist and said it casually, unaware of the impact of this method on Jean.
“Both acupuncture and medication are undoubtedly effective. However, one can foster dependency, while the other poses potential harm due to its toxicity. This method aims for swift pain relief and quick recovery. It’s truly satisfying to see the results!”
Jean’s inner turmoil surged.
What does she mean? Does she want to use this method in the future?
Did she not want him to live?
Jean wanted to refuse her on the spot, yet the earnest delight and gravity on Neera’s expression made him
swallow his words.
Unable to counter her enthusiasm, he sighed inwardly and uttered, “Thanks for your hard work, I’ll leave it to you then.”
Neera shook her head gently and smiled. “It’s nothing, I’m just fulfilling my duties.”
For a doctor, providing the utmost care was a fundamental responsibility, especially considering the generous treatment fee she charged.
“It’s late now, and I’m feeling better. You should head back and get some rest.”
Neera believed that Jean’s condition had stabilized, so she agreed.
Before leaving, she told lan, who was stationed in the living room, “I’ll head home now. If anything happens to Jean, please inform me immediately.”
lan nodded in acknowledgment and offered to escort her out.
Once Neera left, Jean continued to sleep. Though she was no longer there, her lingering fragrance seemed to permeate the room. The memory of her warmth remained, causing a peculiar sensation to stir within him.
Eventually, he closed his eyes as fatigue overwhelmed him.
The realization had dawned upon him that Neera did not see her as a man.
The realization had dawned upon him that Neera did not see her as a man.
In her eyes, he was merely a patient with no gender!
After Neera returned home, exhaustion took hold, lulling her into sleep.
The next day, she brought the triplets to school before heading to her workplace.
With Levi still hospitalized, the company required a capable leader, compelling Neera to assume the mantle.
She had a busy morning, and after lunch, she briefly dozed in the office lounge. Upon awakening, she received a text from Jean.
“My mother’s here. Are you at the company? If possible, could we have dinner together tonight? Don’t worry if you’re tied up with work, I’ll manage.”
She thought about her schedule and realized that most of her work was done in the afternoon. She then responded, “No problem.”
Imperial Gardens No. 1.
Frederic and Wrenn rushed over because they heard that Jean was not feeling well last night, and Joanna was also by his side.
“Mom, how is your health? Have you recovered?”
Seeing the two elders, Jean asked with concern.
Wrenn nodded, “I’m much better, that’s why I thought about coming to see you. Don’t worry about me.”
While talking, she looked at Jean’s pale face, and couldn’t help complaining, “It’s you. Why did you have an attack again? And Neera, why doesn’t she know how to take care of you at home? Why is she working? Is her work more important than you?”


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