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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 359

Chapter 359 He Only Shows His Tenderness to Neera
Observing her discontentment with Neera, Jean furrowed his brow and defended, “Neera’s company faced an emergency, and one of her subordinates got injured and hospitalized. She couldn’t find an alternative, so she had to go herself. She gave me a dry needling treatment last night and took care of me all night. She hardly slept. Mom, she’s always working so hard, so let’s not nitpick at her every move.”
Wrenn, feeling somewhat left in the dark about the situation, hesitated as Jean defended Neera, casting a slightly somber shadow over her countenance. However, she chose to remain silent.
Frederic was reasonable and diffused the tension, “That’s an impressive amount of dedication. I’ve noticed a decline in your seizures lately, and you don’t experience the previous prolonged states of unconsciousness. Your complexion has improved as well. It appears that Neera’s approach to improving your health is working very well.”
Jean’s furrowed brow eased at this affirmation and commendation of Neera. He offered a subtle nod, a fleeting fondness crossing his eyes, “Indeed, that’s just the
Way she is. When it comes to her responsibilities, she sees them through to the end without any slack.”
Witnessing his readiness to stand up for Neera, Joanna concealed her emotions behind a composed facade, though jealousy churned within her heart. She could not help but notice the softness that crept into Jean’s gaze whenever Neera was mentioned.
These small details, perhaps unnoticed by Jean himself, were starkly apparent to an observer like Joanna..
Such displays of affection were unprecedented, reserved solely for Neera.
How did Neera manage to capture his favor?
Jealousy gnawed at her, nearly driving her to dig her nails into her palms. However, she could only pretend not to care and maintained a decent expression.
In the evening, Neera finished processing the last document and kept what Jean said earlier in mind. As she packed up her belongings and was ready to head home, an internal call from the front desk interrupted her.
“Ms. Garcia, representatives from the Crimea Group have arrived and want to see you.”
Neera frowned lightly, her expression darkening. She had already made her stance clear that very night when she emphatically declined their proposal. She even argued with Sonny. How shameless were they?
Why on earth are they so audacious to show up here again?
Neera was tempted to refuse them. However, this was her company, what if the Crimea Group caused a commotion and potentially harmed her employees? She had no choice but to reply coldly, “Escort them to the reception room. I’ll be there shortly.”
Before long, Neera arrived at the reception room.
To her surprise, Sonny was not there, instead, his assistant was present.
Neera spared no warmth in her expression, ski pping pleasantries and getting straight to the point, “I made myself clear. Startales’ core cosmeceutical product is not for sale. Can’t the Crimea Group understand this?”
The assistant’s demeanor soured at Neera’s words, and he assumed a condescending posture as he replied, “Ms. Garcia, while Startales is well-known in the domestic market, its status is far inferior to the Crimea Group. Your assertive approach may not be the best course of action. Or are you relying on ANXIN Group’s support? But even if that’s the case, it hardly measures up to the Crimea Group’s influence. Perhaps it’s wiser, Ms. Garcia, to consider diversifying your options.”
He continued, “Plus, Mr. Sonny is willing to extend substantial rewards to you. It’s a good opportunity, and I urge you to reconsider. Don’t put your company into a bad situation because of loyalty”
Neera was disgusted by his words, and she retorted, “Friends? Does the Crimea family understand the concept of friendship? True friends respect one another. As for your group, the word bandit seems a more fitting term. Besides, my stance couldn’t be clearer. It’s not for sale! Do you understand that?”
Upon hearing this, the assistant’s eyes narrowed, and smiled coldly. “Ms. Garcia, you’re stubborn. It appears you haven’t experienced enough rejection in the business world. If that’s the case, then be prepared to face the consequences, because your stubbornness may lead you down a thorny path…”








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