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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 360

Chapter 360 Car Accident
How could Neera be oblivious to the blatant threat?
At that moment, she let out a scornful sneer, her delicate eyebrows knitting in disdain.
“Crimea Group, is this your idea of collaboration? Is there no method other than resorting to threats? You’re a sizable company with a notable reputation, so why do you have such unsightly behavior? It makes you feel inferior.”
Her gaze turned icy as she continued, “Tell Sonny that we disagree with his proposal. From our business. philosophies to our behavioral principles, Startales and the Crimea Group have nothing to do with each other. Threatening cooperation is a grave misstep.” Her voice unwavering, she concluded, “No matter how many times. you come here, whatever you say or whatever methods you use, the outcome will be the same. I’m busy, so I won’t keep you for long. Please leave.”
Rising from her seat, she strode to the door, swung it open, and gestured with a curt “please.”
Coincidentally, Katy was outside the door and Neera immediately ordered, “Get rid of this person.”
The assistant, subjected to such treatment, wore a grim expression. With a final icy glance at Neera, he retorted, “Ms. Garcia, I hope you’ll still be this stubborn.”
With those words, he left.
Neera refrained from talking, watching their exit before leaving the company.
However, fate took an unexpected turn on her journey back. There was a car accident.
A black commercial vehicle ignored traffic rules and crashed into the rear of Neera’s car as they approached a traffic light.
Instinctively, Neera slammed the brakes.
Yet, the impact from the vehicle behind was too strong. Despite her hasty braking, her car continued its forward momentum uncontrollably.
There was a sidewalk up ahead, crowded with pedestrians crossing the road.
Realizing the situation, Neera’s panic led her to abruptly turn the steering wheel to the right, causing her car to collide with the edge of a guardrail with a resounding crash.
The impact left the guardrail bent and the car brought to an abrupt halt. However, Neera, propelled by the force, was thrust forward, her head striking the steering wheel…
Neera felt dizzy, and before she passed out, she glanced out of the car.
The vehicle responsible for the accident drove past hers.
In a fleeting moment, she caught a glimpse of the driver’s profile… And then, she lost consciousness.
At the same time in Imperial Gardens…
As night descended, several members of the Beauvort family sat around the dining table.
As night descended, several members of the Beauvort family sat around the dining table.
Neera had not come back for a long time as Wrenn’s expression grew increasingly sour.
After being patient for a while, it was almost seven o’clock. Wrenn was annoyed and spoke as her voice edged with anger, “Wasn’t she supposed to return for dinner? She made a promise, and now she’s keeping us waiting! How outrageous! Didn’t you say you taught her about etiquette? Why is she still like this?”
Jean’s lips tightened, his tone even as he spoke, “I think she’s caught up with work at the company. I’ll call her.”
He reached for his phone and dialed Neera’s number.
The call connected, but Neera did not answer it.
Jean’s calm expression shifted into a frown, and he placed the phone back down, “There might be something urgent at the company. She’ll be back once her work is sorted. Let’s begin our meal. Let’s not wait for her.”
Observing this, Wrenn’s irritation only escalated, “Even if she’s busy, she should’ve told us sooner, right? She’s aware that the elders are waiting at home for her. Yet she has us waiting like this…”
Frederic knew his wife’s temper so, he swiftly intervened by serving her some food to alleviate the tension. “Work often comes with its share of challenges. Let’s not dwell on it. It’s just a meal, after all. Enjoy your food. See, they’re all your favorite dishes, eat up…”
Wrenn’s annoyance subsided somewhat under his efforts, though a trace of discontent lingered.
Joanna, observing the scene, could not help gloating.
Wrenn has a strong adherence to rules and etiquette. Now that Neera disregarded her and made her annoyed, what a turn of events!


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