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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 363

Chapter 363 They Planned the Accident
“You… why are you here?”
Neera quickly regained her composure, her voice a mix of surprise and curiosity.

As Jean approached, the triplets eagerly scampered to meet him, tilting their head upwards and asking, “Uncle Jean, why are you here?”
Jean gently patted the tops of the triplets’ heads, his gaze shifting to Neera as he answered her question.
“Our bodyguard responsible for protecting the triplets told me that they were picked up by an unfamiliar woman. It appears that the one who collected them was Director Lopez…”
Though his words were delivered in a composed manner, they carried an unspoken depth that uniquely
resonated with Neera.
Isabella also noticed the subtle atmosphere.
Catching Neera’s meaningful glance, Isabella responded with a composed nod before addressing Jean.
“That was me. I wanted to make sure they were safe, so I decided to pick them up myself. Mr. Beauvort, it’s a pleasure to see you again.”
A glint of amusement danced in Jean’s eyes, he smiled and responded, “It’s great to see you too, Director Lopez. Do you and Ms. Neera know each other?”
Meeting his gaze, Isabella’s heart raced. Suppressing her inner turmoil, she maintained her composure and replied, “Neera and I were college classmates and we’ve always been close.”
Jean nodded as he said, “Ah, what a small world.”
Isabella chuckled and responded, “It’s a small world. Do you also happen to know Neera?”
Despite her calm composure, her heart raced as she talked to Jean.
Neera fought to maintain her composure, she had to hold on.
She had to try her best to hide the fact that she was Nancy and could not afford to make any mistakes.
Noticing Isabella’s unease and rapid heartbeat, Neera was quick to intervene, her suggestion serving as a distraction. “Bell, could you take the kids out for dinner? They must be hungry, and I have something to discuss with Mr. Beauvort.”
Isabella was eager to leave and nodded in agreement. “Of course. I’ll take them to eat right away, and I’ll bring some back for you later. You guys can talk.”
With that, she ushered the children out of the room, leaving only Jean and Neera behind.
Jean approached Neera’s bedside, his gaze shifting between the bandage on her forehead and her eyes.
As he began to utter words of concern, a change of heart led him down a different path, his tone composed as he asked, “Is there something you wish to discuss?”
Haunted by a sense of guilt, Neera sensed that his intended question had shifted. It was not that but rather “Is there something you want to explain?”
Her heart raced and she bit her lip, trying to ignore his sharp eyes.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to ditch the dinner on purpose. Are your parents gone? Are they mad?”
As he spoke, Jean shook his head slightly.
“They left without any fuss. I explained that you had some urgent matters to attend to, so they didn’t take it to heart.”
Neera responded with a subdued “Oh…”
Though he assured her that his parents were not offended, Neera suspected that even if Mr. Beauvort harbored no ill feelings, her absence would likely not sit well with Wrenn.
Neera took a moment to explain, “It’s true that I had an unexpected business matter to attend to, but I didn’t intend to stay for long. In the evening, representatives from the Crimea Group arrived unexpectedly, and that interaction took longer than anticipated. I certainly didn’t expect the car accident to happen right after I left…”
As soon as the words “Crimea Group” left her lips, Jean’s attention was effectively redirected. His expression darkened, and his concern shifted from her absence to the matter at hand. “What happened with the Crimea Group?”
Neera went straight to the point, her voice tinged with a hint of frustration. “They’re still adamant about acquiring the Startales cosmeceutical formula. Though they mask their intentions as potential cooperation, it’s essentially a veiled threat. They said if I refused, not only would it affect business matters, it’s far more complicated than that.”
Having that said, her face turned cold. “I think they planned the accident.”


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