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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 364

Chapter 364 If I Left, Who’s Gonna Take Care of You?
Jean’s countenance darkened as he listened to Neera’s explanation.
Sonny had always been known for his ruthless methods, relying on being a part of the Crimea family to act without restraint. He often crossed moral boundaries, and his actions often knew no limits.
Given his past clashes with Neera, it was possible that he harbored resentment and would stoop to extreme
Sending someone to cause a car accident was well within his capability.
“Why didn’t you mention this possibility when the police asked if you offended anyone? Jean’s brow furrowed as he voiced his skepticism, his tone indicating his lack of agreement with her decision.
Neera’s lips formed a rueful expression, and instead of answering his question directly, she said, “Even if I told them about it, would it make a difference?”
If Sonny was responsible for this, he would not leave any evidence.
Even if she told the police her suspicions truthfully, there would most likely be no result. So, she chose the most convenient answer.
Jean understood what she meant and fell silent.
Indeed, if Sonny was behind this, he would likely have covered his tracks meticulously, leaving no traces behind. It was a maddeningly frustrating situation.
However, a flicker of displeasure danced in Jean’s eyes.
He already made it clear that Neera was under his protection and yet, he still decided to target her. How bold of him!
It seems that he hasn’t learned his lesson from that incident
A surge of anger simmered within Jean, but he took a deep breath and managed to calm himself. He spoke to Neera in a reassuring tone, “Don’t dwell on this matter for now. Focus on taking care of your injuries, and I’ll handle the rest.”
Neera met his gaze with a worried expression. “What are you going to do? They’re no ordinary company, after all
She was afraid that her own affairs would bring trouble to Jean and cause huge losses.
Jean raised his eyebrows. “Don’t worry, it’s just the Crimea Group.”
While the Crimea family was a part of the five influential families, the Beauvort family’s influence and resources were formidable in their own right.
If Sonny carried on like this, Jean did not mind making the five influential families into the four influential families.
Shifting his focus, Jean asked about her condition. “How are your injuries? Is it not serious?”
Neera reassured him, her voice steady. “It’s not too serious. Aside from the injury on my forehead and a minor concussion, everything else is fine. I’m probably going to stay in the hospital tonight for an examination.”
Jean’s expression softened as he expressed his concern. “Just concentrate on recovering. Leave the rest to me.”
With that, he left the ward with lan
In the corridor, his features hardened, a storm brewing in his eyes. He ordered lan with a determined tone, “Find the person behind this and make sure they’re caught.”
“Also, find out about the Crimea Group’s recent bid for Century Group’s diamond mining rights. If they haven’t secured it yet, tell the Century Group that Beauvort Group is willing to offer twice the price for those mining rights.”
The command was issued with such intensity that even lan could not help but sigh.
Jean’s so furious.
He’s going to such lengths for Ms. Garcia.
It was becoming increasingly apparent that Ms. Garcia held a significant place in Jean’s heart, perhaps even an untouchable height…
“Yes, I’ll get on it right away.” lan responded as he left quickly.
Once lan was gone, Jean returned to the ward.
Observing his return, Neera was taken aback. “Why are you back? I thought you left.”
Jean casually strolled over to a sofa and settled into a seat. “If I left, who’s gonna take care of you? And who will keep an eye on the triplets?”








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