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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 367

Chapter 367 Take Advantage of Him
Neera blushed. Before Jean woke up, she tiptoed back to the hospital bed and lay down again. After a long time, she fell into a deep sleep.
There was silence in the ward, and all sounds became extraordinarily clear.
When her breathing became even, Jean slowly opened his eyes, and his eyes were clear.
He woke up as early as Neera got up to cover him.
He wanted to open his eyes and ask about Neera’s situation, but he felt that she had no intention of leaving, so he pretended to sleep to see what she wanted to do.
He never expected she was bold enough to take advantage of him while he was asleep! When he heard her mumbles, he was amused.
There was only a dim yellow light on in the ward.
He had no displeasure from Neera’s touch. Instead, he was like a hunter staring at his prey and exuding a bright light.
The next day, Isabella came with the triplets. “Neera, we’ve brought you breakfast.”
As she spoke, she smiled at Jean. “Mr. Beauvort, I also brought yours. Thank you for taking care of Neera all night.”
The triplets also approached sensibly and thanked Jean cutely. “Thank you, Uncle Jean. You’ve worked hard! Go wash and eat!”
Jean nodded softly and replied, “Okay.” Then, he got up and went to the bathroom.
lan came early in the morning with a change of clothes and toiletries.
After a brief wash, Jean changed his clothes and had breakfast with Neera. Then, the doctor came by for a routine checkup.
“Ms. Garcia’s concussion isn’t serious. She’s recovered now. There are no other serious problems. She doesn’t need to stay in the hospital for observation.”
Several people in the ward were relieved.
lan helped with the discharge procedures and brought others to Imperial Gardens.
At 10.00 a.m., Jean returned to his residence.
lan respectfully brought a glass of warm water, handed it to Jean, and reported solemnly, “Crimea Group hasn’t got the bidding. I’ve already contacted Century Group and talked with the person in charge. The other party agreed to come to our company. If there’s no problem, we can sign the contract tomorrow.”
Jean responded calmly, “Well, what about the car accident? How is the investigation going?”
lan answered immediately, “The car that deliberately hit Ms. Garcia has been found in a wasteland in the suburbs. But the perpetrator is still missing. I learned from the police that the perpetrator used a fake license plate number, and the car was from a second-hand market. Even if a road surveillance camera captured a man, there was no way to confirm his appearance as he had disguised himself. They could only confirm he was a man. Now, the police are still investigating various aspects and will notify us as soon as there’s news.”

Jean’s expression darkened slightly.
“Disguise, second-hand car, fake license plate? Sure enough, it was premeditated. Sonny thinks that he can hide everything. No matter what, we have to find the perpetrator!”
lan felt the cold aura around Jean’s body. He shuddered all over and immediately responded, “Yes, Siri
Although Neera did not go to the company after returning, she was not idle either. She was still thinking about the car accident and called the police to ask about the progress of the investigation.
The police quickly told her the story they had described to lan.
After listening, Neera immediately said, “When the car accident happened, I saw that man’s face! I can draw it
The policeman was delighted. “That’s great! You can save us time! Please send it to us when you complete the drawing!”
“Okay, wait a minute.”


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