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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 368

Chapter 368 Venting Anger for Neera
After hanging up the phone, Neera quickly drew a clear sketch from memory.
After the police received the portrait, they immediately screened and compared it with the police system database. Surprisingly, the police quickly identified the perpetrator.
“Ms. Garcia, thanks for your portrait! We’ve found that the perpetrator had a criminal record. His name is Norman Keller. He was released last year and got arrested because of a hit-and-run. Don’t worry. Since we have a target, the arrest operation is much easier. We’ll arrest him as soon as possible. We’ll contact you again.”
Hearing that, Neera did not have too many surprises but thanked the police politely, “It’s good I can help. Thank you for the information.”
Jean also got the news quickly, and he remained expressionless.
He understood that even if Norman got successfully arrested, the police might not obtain valid testimony.
Since Sonny employed Norman, he was sure that Norman would not confess about him to the police.
Thinking of that, Jean had an
inexplicable anger.
In the past, the Beauvort Group and the Crimea Group always competed. But Jean had always dealt with it indifferently, let alone got angry.
The business was like ordinary affairs for him. He had always been able to handle tasks with ease and could stand in danger. He was not afraid at all, and he had never suffered a disadvantage. But this time was different. Sonny’s goal was Startales, and Sonny threatened Neera’s safety!
How could Jean not be angry? This time he was going to make Sonny pay a heavy price!
Jean went out early and headed straight to the company the next day.
According to the agreement, the chairman of Century Group personally came to Beauvort Group to discuss cooperation. The conversation between the two parties went very smoothly, and they signed the contract in less than half an hour.
The diamond mining rights in this bid were rich, and the income they could bring was quite considerable.
It was just that Century Group could not handle such a large mine alone and did not want to waste it, so it had to give up such a right to others.
Crimea Group had been eyeing that mine for a long time and had shown ambitions for the bidding from the very beginning. Because of that, many groups dared not bid to participate in the competition even if they
wanted to.
Firstly, the Crimea Group was rich and powerful. They would not let go of the mining rights. If other groups wanted to compete with Crimea Group, they had to pay a high financial price.
Secondly, since the Crimea Group was ambitious with it, no one would compete with the Crimea Group. After all, no one dared to offend the Crimea Group.
However, there were always exceptions to everything. The Beauvort Group dared to challenge the Crimea Group!
This time, Jean personally came forward to participate in the negotiation. The chairman of Century Group was shocked and agreed to the cooperation quickly.
After signing the contract, the chairman reached out politely and flattered Jean with a hint of excitement.
“Mr. Beauvort, it’s an honor for Century Group to cooperate with Beauvort Group!”
Jean was calm but still shook hands with the chairman. “My pleasure.”
After the chairman of Century Group left, Jean turned around and handed over the signed contract to lan.
“Go and draw up another contract to transfer one-third of the mining rights of this diamond mine to ANXIN Group.”


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