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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 376

Chapter 376 Not Asking for Love
Neera hesitated when she heard it.
Sending flowers to a man was already weird, but sending roses was even wrong! She was not asking for love!
“No, it won’t work…” She pursed her lips and refused.
Harvey frowned. “Mommy, how do you know if you haven’t tried it? Flowers can make people feel better. Tonight, you broke an appointment with Uncle Jean. It’s your fault. It’s not advisable to break promises. That’s what you taught us, so you must apologize to Uncle Jean seriously!”
Facing Harvey’s severe accusation, Neera felt guilty and helpless.
After pondering for a moment, she had no choice but to compromise and nod. “Okay, I’ll send it!”
Harvey’s eyes lit up, and he smiled with satisfaction. “That’s right! I know you’re not ignorant. Go quickly and come back early!”
Harvey paused, then giggled. “It doesn’t matter if you don’t come back soon. Don’t worry about us. Spend more time with Uncle Jean to make him happy!”
Neera was speechless for a while and was getting out of the house.
Although she agreed, she stood in the yard and hesitated for a long time. She still felt that sending roses was inappropriate.
Even if she had no other intentions but to make amends, Jean might think wrongly. It was embarrassing if he misunderstood she had feelings toward him!
No, it’s better to change the type.
She looked around and finally squatted in front of a pot of top-quality Clivia that she liked very much. “It seems that I can only reluctantly give him this one…”
That Clivia was a very precious variety, and it was also valuable. It had already bloomed and was beautiful. She loved it.
I use the most expensive plant to make amends. It should be sincere enough.
Thinking of that, she took the flower pot and went to the next door.
It was lan who came to open the door. He was surprised to see Neera standing at the door with a pot of Clivia.
He knew her intention of coming, but what was that Clivia for?
His suspicious gaze glanced between Clivia and Neera, then looked at Neera and greeted, “Good evening, Ms. Garcia. What can I help you with?”
Neera looked embarrassed and whispered, “I’m here to make amends. Is Jean in a good mood?”
lan narrowed his eyes and smiled, but what he said made Neera shiver.
“It’s bad. Ms. Garcia, I was going through a catastrophe tonight.”
Neera gulped nervously. “How come?”
“Mr. Beauvort told Madam that you would go to the mansion, but you sent him a message later saying that you couldn’t go. He became gloomy when he saw your message! But he didn’t say that you couldn’t go. He used an excuse that the company had trouble, took you back next time, and left without even eating. Madam even quarreled with him about this matter. He excused that the Crimea Group was looking for trouble, or he couldn’t escape!”
Neera did not expect the situation to be so severe and felt even more guilty.
“On the way back from the mansion, I almost froze to death in Mr. Beauvort’s aura! It’s no exaggeration to say I might die under his gaze! You’re so amazing! It’s my first time to see someone make Mr. Beauvort so angry! I wish you good luck.”
What lan said was so scary. Neera trembled and wished she could turn around and leave.
She felt she was about to meet doomsday when she thought of facing the cold Jean!
However, thinking of Harvey’s words, she felt it was too irresponsible to leave.
Since she caused the disaster, she could not escape. Thinking of that, she could only bite the bullet and ask. “Where is Jean now?”
lan pointed upstairs. “He’s in the study.”





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