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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 377

Chapter 377 Coaxing Jean Is Easy
Neera bolstered herself up and bravely went upstairs. Standing outside the study, she prepared men tally before knocking.
Soon, Jean’s cold voice came out. “Come in!”
Neera felt that Jean tonight was a little colder than before. It seems that he’s indeed angry!
She took a deep breath, opened the door, and walked in.
Hearing the movement, Jean did not even raise his head. He looked at the documents coldly as if he did not care about everything around him.
Until Neera approached the desk and greeted, “Hello, Jean…”
Only then did Jean lift his eyes. “What are you doing here?”
Meeting his gaze, Neera could not help but shiver. She was in a daze. It looked like she had returned to the scene when she first met him.
His eyes were cold and unfeeling. Neera suddenly felt a little uncomfortable for no reason.
She frowned, did not care about anything, and put the pot of top-quality Clivia on the desk.
“Sorry, I didn’t intend to cancel the appointment tonight. My aunt came back too suddenly. She was very excited when she saw me and didn’t listen to my explanation. She insisted on dragging me to dinner. She felt sorry when she knew the situation and wanted to apologize. Of course, I’m not trying to make an excuse. This matter is indeed my fault. So I wanted to apologize to you. To show my sincerity, I also took my favorite Clivia to make amends. Jean, don’t be angry with me! Forgive me, please!”
She said it sincerely and pitifully.
Jean looked at her coldly. For some reason, his heart, which should have been cold, seemed scratched by something. It was a little itchy.
Her expression and tone coincided inexplicably with the WhatsApp emoticons she sent.
She looked cute and funny, and his mood suddenly improved after being gloomy all night.
However, he still looked indifferent and reprimanded her deeply, “Ms. Garcia, you’re an adult and the parent of three children. You should know that breaking a promise is wrong. It’s already your second missed appointment…”
Before finishing his sentence, Neera clasped her hands and apologized pitifully again.
“I know it’s all my fault! I broke my promise! I’ve realized my mistake. Please forgive me! I promise you. There will never be a hext time!”
She spoke seriously. Her beautiful eyes were full of sincerity and expectation, like a cute pet who made a mistake and begged forgiveness.
Jean could not bear to be looked at by her eyes. He felt a little funny and softened his expression, then asked lightly, “Are you sure?”
Hearing his tone change, Neera nodded hastily. “Sure! It’s true!”
Jean’s voice finally was not as cold as before. “Okay, since you admit your mistake, I can forget it this time, but not next time.”
“Okay! I won’t do this again!”
Neera breathed a sigh of relief. Great, he finally forgives me! It’s easy to coax him.
She blinked and became more courageous again. “Since you’re not angry anymore, don’t be so cold! You might as well look in the mirror! Your expression is scary!”
Jean smiled. “That’s your fault.”
His gaze stayed on the pot of Clivia, and he said, “Your flowers are growing well.”
Neera chuckled and pushed the flower pot toward him as if offering a treasure.
“Of course! Although it’s not as good as your millions of green plants, it’s worth hundreds of thousands. It’s my most precious plant! Look at its growth and vitality! You must take good care of it! Don’t raise it to death!”
Her lively eyes made the last gloom in Jean’s heart disappear. He finally smiled and responded, “I’ll try my best. It depends on its fate.”


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