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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 379

Chapter 379 See How Neera Ends Up

More than an hour later, the lights in the emergency room finally went out, and Joanna walked out.
Joanna’s eyes lit up when she saw Jean was there.
Jean did not notice her expression but asked calmly, “How is my mom?”
Joanna suppressed her emotions and pretended to be solemn. “The situation is bad. We found a chronic poison in Madam’s body. Fortunately, Mr. Frederic sent Madam in time. If it was later, something bad would happen!”
The expressions of Jean and Frederic changed slightly.
Frederic asked sharply, “Why is there chronic poison? What’s going on? Aren’t you always taking care of her? Since it’s chronic, why didn’t you notice it before?”
After all, Frederic had been in the business world for many years. He looked at problems sharply and viciously and grasped the key points.
Since it was a chronic poison, the poison must have taken a long time to accumulate to this point!
However, the butlers, serv ants, and chefs of the Beauvort family had worked in the Beauvort family for many years, and there had never been a mistake.
The diet was also strict. How could such a thing happen?
Seeing Frederic’s sharp gaze, Joanna felt uneasy but did not show it.
“Although it’s chronic poison, it’s temporarily hidden in the body after taking it for a short period. No one can notice it, but after a few days, it would trigger suddenly! As it’s a special poison, it’s difficult to detect. Madam won’t be affected at first. It was normal that I couldn’t find it before! But when the poison accumulates to a certain extent, it’ll affect Madam!”
Frederic’s expression darkened. “Wrenn has taken the poison in a short time? But how did it get into her body?”
Joanna guided cautiously, “Through examination, I found Madam took this poison for about ten days to half a month. As for how it entered her body, there’s no result yet. But I’ll investigate it as soon as possible. Madam’s condition has temporarily stabilized, but it’s still not optimistic. This chronic poison isn’t easy to treat. It has already damaged Madam’s body. We need to develop an antidote. Or the poison will endanger Madam’s life!”
Hearing that, Jean became gloomy and exuded a cold aura.
Frederic was shocked. His body trembled uncontrollably, and he almost fell. It was lan who reacted fast and quickly supported Frederic.
Frederic closed his eyes before he stabilized his mind. He gritted his teeth and ordered, “No matter what, you must cure Wrenn!”
Joanna hid her smug look and responded with feigned embarrassment, “I’ll do my best…”
When Jean heard that, he showed a look of displeasure.
Joanna’s unsure look made him feel wrong. So he took out his phone and called Neera.
“Are you free now? Can you come to Hillsdale Hospital under the Beauvort Group?”
“Now?” Neera wondered why. “What happened?”
While suppressing his worries, Jean explained patiently, “My mom suddenly fainted. She has received first aid. Her condition is temporarily stable, but the situation isn’t optimistic. I would like to ask you to come and have a
“Her condition is that serious?” After hearing that, Neera immediately stood up and responded, “Okay, I’ll go
there now.”
Joanna was listening to Jean’s words and felt upset.
Mr. Beauvort never forgot Neera Garcia! Does he trust her that much? Fine! She’s here in time! I want to see how that b*tch ends up later!
Soon, Joanna went to work and said before leaving, “Madam should wake up later. You can go to see her.”
Jean nodded and helped Frederic to the ward.








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