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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 378

Chapter 378 She’s Cute
When Neera heard that, she almost regretted it. But since she sent it as a gift, it was his Clivia.
She was not qualified to comment on what he did. Whatever! It’s hard for him not to be angry. He can do whatever he wants.
She pursed her lips and left helplessly. After her figure disappeared, Jean poked the leaves of the pot of Clivia and could not help but giggle.
She’s cute sometimes! He was in a good mood, and his cold expression seemed gone.
The next day, Neera woke up and planned to make breakfast. When she went downstairs, she heard noises in the kitchen.
She went to look suspiciously and found that Zuniga had come back and was making breakfast.
“Auntie Zuniga? Why are you back?”
Hearing Neera’s voice, Zuniga wiped her hands with a smile and brought Neera warm water. “Good morning, Ms. Garcia. Drink some water first.”
Neera took the glass and looked at Zuniga with concern. “Is your husband okay?”
“He recovered well. The doctor said he could leave the hospital after a period. So I came back to work. I can go to the hospital once a day afterward! My son went to school, and his grandparents would take care of him. When my husband left the hospital, we would rent a house in the suburbs. It’s more convenient.”
Zuniga looked in good spirits with a smile.
Neera was happy for Zuniga but worried that Zuniga would be too tired. “Can you handle it? I’m not in a hurry here. Don’t be too anxious to come back to work.”
Zuniga said gratefully, “No problem. Thank you for your help. Or my husband can’t recover so quickly. You’re busy, so I’m back to help you. You can concentrate on your work.”
Seeing that she had made arrangements, Neera was relieved and said nothing else. Meanwhile, Adriana came down with the triplets.
Neera briefly introduced the identities of the two parties. When Zuniga heard that, she greeted Adriana politely, “Nice to meet you, Madam!”
Adriana smiled. “I’m not married. Don’t call me Madam. You can call my name.”
Zuniga felt it inappropriate to call Adriana by her first name, so she smiled and said, “You look young. I’ll call you Ms. Adriana.”
No woman did not like to get praised for being young. Adriana looked happy and said, “Thank you for caring for
my niece and grandnephews during this time.”
Zuniga shook her head. “That’s what I should do. I should be thanking Ms. Neera for helping me…”
After exchanging pleasantries, Zuniga pointed to the kitchen. “I’ve already made breakfast. I’ll serve the meals
After breakfast, Neera and Adriana took the triplets to school and went to the company.
Adriana took a brief tour and was satisfied when she saw the company was well-organized. She did not stay any longer and left after a while.
“Continue your work. It’s rare for me to come back. I’ll meet my old friends.”
Neera nodded and sent Adriana out of the company.
Jean did not go out today and was working at home. Just after lunch, he was about to nap when he received a call from Frederic. Frederic asked anxiously, “Where are you now?”
Jean heard the anxiety in Frederic’s tone and straightened his expression. “I’m at home. What’s the matter? Did something happen?”
Frederic sounded nervous, “Wrenn suddenly fainted and was sent to the emergency room! We’re in Hillsdale Hospital under the Beauvort Group. Come here quickly!”
Jean was startled upon hearing that. He hung up the phone and hurried over.
Frederic was anxiously waiting while staring eagerly at the red light in the emergency room.
“Dad!” Jean walked over quickly and asked, “What’s the matter? Why did Mom faint suddenly?”
Frederic glanced at Jean, then looked at the closed door of the emergency room sullenly. “I don’t know what’s
Ion. Just after lunch, Wrenn suddenly turned pale and became short of breath. She passed out’ and fell to
the Joanna gives Wrenn first aid inside, but I don’t know the situation.”
Unexpectedly, Wrenn’s condition was so severe. Jean frowned and comforted Frederic, “Mom will be fine. Just rest assured/
However, it was inevitable that Jean felt worried about Wrenn.


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