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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 386

Chapter 386 Jean Trust Me!
It was an ordinary request, but it made Neera’s heartbeat. She could not calm down for a long time.
She could not describe her inner feelings, but the joy was beyond doubt. It turned out that Jean believed her!
As long as she thought of that, she cheered up her spirit, and the gloom and grievances that had been dull all afternoon were gone.
“I’ll investigate the poison as soon as possible.” Neera showed a familiar smile.
Seeing that her eyes were bright, lan agreed and left with relief.
As for Neera, she was in no mood to eat again. It was not because she had no appetite but because she was eager to discover the truth.
“Auntie Zuniga, I have something to do. I need to go out for a while. Please take care of the triplets.”
She packed the medicine, put on her clothes, and was about to leave.
Zuniga wondered. “What’s the rush? Why don’t you go after dinner?”
Neera responded to Zuniga while putting on her shoes, “No, I have to go to the research center. I’m not sure when I’ll be back. I’ll leave the triplets to you.”
Harvey was smart. He guessed what she wanted to do right away and walked over sensibly. “Mommy, go and do your work. Don’t worry about us. I’ll take care of Sammy and Penny.”
Although Sammy and Penny did not know what happened, seeing Neera’s hurried look, they also understood that the matter was important.
“Mommy, don’t worry. We’ll take care of ourselves!”
Feeling warm in Neera’s heart, she kissed the triplets, then went straight to the research center.
When she arrived, she assembled her team to investigate the blood sample and the medicine.
“Guys, I want to ask for your help! I need you all to focus on testing these samples! This blood sample is the most important. It contains poison! I need to analyze its toxins as soon as possible. Someone’s life is at stake! After resolving this matter, I’ll give you all the rewards!”
The people in this research center were research-spirited and had always been full of infinite energy and patience for research.
After hearing her words, everyone did not care about rewards but responded neatly, “Okay, Ms. Garcia!”
Soon, everyone got to work. Neera also got busy. She did not go home that night, stayed in the research center, and studied the components of the medicine all night.
Adriana chatted with old friends and came back late.
In the early morning of the next day, she went downstairs with a document but did not see Neera. Only the triplets sat around the dining table while eating obediently and quietly.
Adriana asked, “Where’s Neera?”
She held the ANXIN Group share transfer agreement and wanted Neera to sign it.
Harvey immediately jumped out of the chair, walked over, took her hand, and explained. “Mommy went to the research center last night. She wants to analyze an important medicine. I don’t know how long she’ll take. You might need to manage the company for a few days.”
Adriana was surprised when she heard that. “Why did Neera enter the research center again? I thought she could rest for a few days after I returned. She couldn’t care about anything after such a toss.”
Adriana naturally knew what Neera would look like after entering the research center.
Harvey said, “Don’t worry. Aunt Katy will deliver the food to Mommy on time. I already called Aunt Katy this morning.”
Seeing that Harvey was thinking so thoroughly, Adriana stroked his head and praised, “You’re so sensible!”
Harvey smiled. “I’m Mommy’s eldest son. That’s what I should do!”
However, Neera ignored everything else once she entered the research state. Even though Katy came to remind her to eat, she still did not touch the food.
After an all-nighter and a morning later, Neera analyzed Wrenn’s medicine that Joanna had prescribed.
The various components in the medicine did not conflict with what Neera prescribed to Wrenn, and there was no possibility of being incompatible! Not to mention being toxic!
Joanna’s side of the story was indeed nonsense!
However, Neera quickly discovered the problem from the progress in blood analysis. There was indeed poison in Wrenn’s body. It was something she had never seen before!
Seeing the result, Neera narrowed her eyes and fell into deep thought. Since the poison was not due to the conflict of medicines, it might get intentionally injected into the body.




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