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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 387

Chapter 387 He’s Very Important
It took another day for everyone to analyze the components of the poison.
In the evening of the next day, the research team worked for more than 20 hours, and they were exhausted. After all, they did not sleep the night before and were immersed in the research room all day.
Looking at their tired faces, Neera sighed inwardly and felt unbearable and guilty.
At that moment, she gently persuaded, “It’s hard for you all to be busy with this matter for so long. Go back and rest first. It won’t be too late to continue later.”
When everyone heard the words, they refused at first, but under her insistence, they could not resist the exhaustion and agreed.
Soon, only Neera was in the research room. But she did not leave. She yawned, patted her forehead to cheer herself up, and continued to analyze the toxic components in the blood.
The poison in Wrenn’s body was unknown. She might get worse, or something unexpected would happen.
Neera must race against time to discover the specific toxicity and develop corresponding treatment medicines!
Katy finished her work and came again with food. “Neera, take a rest. How can your body bear it if you continue like this?”
Neera shook her head. “It’s a matter of life. I can’t relax. I have to analyze the results as soon as possible.”
As she spoke, she was a little depressed. “I’ve never seen this kind of poison before. It’s very complicated. I don’t know if I’ll get a result for a while.”
Katy thought for a while and said, “But it’s not a solution to rely on you to solve this alone. It’s better to find a strong helper. Maybe it’ll be more effective.”
Neera got attracted by Katy’s words and blinked suspiciously. “A strong helper? Where can I find a helper at this time?”
Katy seemed to remember something and suddenly smiled. “I know you’ve been busy these two days and haven’t paid attention to the outside world. Look at this.”
She took out her phone, tapped on the screen, and handed it to Neera.
Neera looked at it and found that it was a post in their circle of friends.
“I’ll return to Kingsview tomorrow. Call if you want to find me.”
The person who posted this message was Philbert.
“Phil has returned to Kingsview?” Neera’s eyes suddenly brightened.
Katy nodded and put away her phone. “Yes, this is the message Philbert sent the day before yesterday. He should have flown back yesterday. Now he’s in Kingsview. Since this matter is so difficult and you’re in such a hurry, why don’t you ask Professor Philbert? He’ll help!”
Neera was overjoyed and became much more energetic. “Then what are we waiting for? I’ll contact him now!”
She took out her phone, found Philbert’s contact information familiarly, and called him.
Philbert laughed softly. “I heard you’re busy developing Startales. I decided to find you in a few days. But I didn’t expect you to contact me first. You want to have a meal with me, or do you want to ask me for help?”
Neera touched her nose. “Phil, why do you think so?”
“Haha, you’ll only take the initiative to contact me when you meet a big problem. Sometimes I’m afraid of you. I worry that what you’re consulting me is a problem I can’t solve. Then I’ll be embarrassed in front of you.”
Listening to his tease, Neera felt embarrassed but still explained her purpose honestly.
“Phil, I’ve indeed encountered a problem. There’s a kind of poison that I’ve never seen before, and the toxicity is also very complicated. I’ve been researching for two days and have made no progress. I would like to ask you to help. Do you have time?”
Philbert raised his eyebrows slightly and readily agreed. “Give me the address. I’ll be there in a while.”
That afternoon, Philbert appeared in the research center. Neera greeted him, and they exchanged pleasantries before getting straight to the point.
After they finished talking, Philbert changed into a white coat, put on goggles and a mask, and entered the research room.
Even dressed like this, he still could not hide his superior figure, handsome facial features, and gentle temperament, which made people look at him involuntarily.
However, Neera’s attention was only on the poison. She stood beside Philbert, looked at him seriously, and said solemnly, “Phil, I’m counting on you this time.”
Philbert could not help but giggle. “You’re so solemn. Who is that poisoned person? Is that person important to you?”
Neera was stunned when she heard that. Wrenn did not matter to her. But Wrenn was Jean’s mother. So Wrenn must be important to Jean.
She replied, “That’s right.”



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