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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 388

Chapter 388 The Triplets Are Too Sensible

Philbert smiled. “If this is the case, I’ll do my best. Only you can order me! But I have no reluctance. I’m quite happy to be needed by you.”
He was joking. “After all, in the medical field, Dr. Nancy’s reputation is much stronger than mine.”
Neera smiled. “Don’t make fun of me. How can I compare to you in professionalism about toxicity…”
When talking, they did not procrastinate and quickly got to work.
Neera first showed Philbert the blood sample and the toxins she had extracted and handed him a test report.
“I’ve used many methods to decompose the components inside. But I only found these two components. I don’t know the rest.”
Hearing that it was a new type of poison, Philbert was quite interested.
He looked at the test report and said softly, “I understand. Leave the rest to me. You go to rest for a while. Your people brought you the meal, but you haven’t eaten yet. You have to be full to work better.”
Neera breathed a sigh of relief. This time she did not refuse again.
After being busy for the past two days, she did not eat a bite of food and was hungry now. She finally took a break and went out to eat.
After that, under the pressure of Katy and Harvey’s video call, Neera had no choice but to put down the research temporarily and nap.
At the same time, Jean came back from the hospital.
Wrenn’s condition was still not safe. He stayed in the hospital overnight and could not hide his fatigue.
Considering Jean’s physical condition, Frederic could not bear to keep Jean in the hospital, so he urged Jean to
When Jean left the car, the triplets next door heard the sound of the engine and ran over from home. They surrounded him with great concern.
“Uncle Jean, I heard that Grandma is ill. How is she now? Is she better?”
Seeing the triplets, Jean could not help but relax a little. “She’s still in the hospital and will continue to be treated.”
“I see…” Penny murmured while frowning, “I wonder what kind of illness Grandma has. When will she recover?”
Harvey was calm and looked at Jean seriously. “Uncle Jean, don’t worry. Grandma will get better.”
Jean smiled. “Thank you.”
Then, he glanced at the next door but did not see the familiar figure. He asked, “Where’s your mommy?”
Harvey answered, “Mommy went into the research center last night. She hasn’t come back yet.”
Hearing that, Jean froze for a moment and frowned imperceptibly. Has she investigated that poison for so
Harvey looked at Jean’s expression and added, “Uncle Jean, it’s okay. Mommy used to do this a lot. Once she entered the research center, she couldn’t come out for a few days.”
Sammy and Penny also knew about the events of the previous two days, so they took Jean’s hand and spoke
for Neera.
“Uncle Jean, you have to trust Mommy! Mommy won’t harm Grandma! She’ll never do anything to hurt others let alone kill someone! This matter has nothing to do with Mommy! You can’t blame her! She’s innocent!”
Seeing their nervous appearance, Jean laughed, pinched their faces, and comforted them gently.
“I believe her.” His succinct words immediately reassured the triplets, and they giggled.
“That’s good! Uncle Jean, we know that you’re the best. You’re good to us! As long as you believe in Mommy, don’t have to worry about anything!”
Then, they obediently exhorted, “Uncle Jean, you must be tired, right? We won’t bother you. Take a good rest! Remember to eat!”
After speaking, they walked back sensibly.
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