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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 395

Neera was stunned. She stared at Jean's eyes before bouncing away as if frightened. As a result, she almost fell off the car.

Fortunately, Jean held her. He felt a little amused. "Be careful."

"Why are you here?" Neera was a little surprised, and her cheeks blushed.

Jean said concisely, "Come to pick you up."

As he spoke, he stared at her face and frowned. "You still look tired. Were you investigating the poison non-stop? Why don't you take a break?"

Neera was so tired that she went home to rest this morning, but her complexion still did not improve. She was still in a daze when she entered the car.

If she continued like this, she might fall before she developed the antidote successfully.

Neera became a little sober. "Your mom's situation is too dangerous. We cannot delay and must research the antidote as soon as possible. Don't worry. My team members are still in the research room, and the research has made some progress. Be patient. Let's go to the hospital now."

Jean nodded and told Ian to drive. On the way there, Neera accidentally fell asleep leaning on the seat.

Seeing that she was in a poor state of mind, Jean knew that she must have been too involved in the research and development of an antidote.

He could not tell what he felt. The only thing he could be sure of was that he felt a little distressed for Neera.

The car quickly fell silent. Jean did not bother Neera but only looked at her quietly.

The car was a little bumpy. Neera was in a deep sleep, and her head almost hit the car window. So Jean carefully supported her head to lean on his shoulder.

Half an hour later, the car stopped steadily at the hospital entrance.

Neera woke up when she heard Jean calling her. For some reason, although her sleep was not long, she slept deeply and peacefully.

She opened her eyes in a daze but did not realize she slept on Jean's shoulder. She stretched out her hand and rubbed her eyes, and finally, she woke up a lot.

Seeing her confused look, Jean could not help but feel a little funny.

It was very late. The whole hospital was quiet, and only a few people walked around.

Jean brought Neera to the ward and said, "I've arranged for people not to come near the ward during your treatment. As for my mom, she fell asleep before I came, so she shouldn't wake up easily after that."

"I see. Don't worry. Leave it to me."

Soon, they arrived at the ward. Wrenn was in a coma, and her complexion was even worse than when Neera saw her last time. The illness was very obvious.

Soon, she put down the medicine box and stepped forward to check Wrenn's pulse. Then, she frowned tightly.

"Your mom's body won't last long. I'll give her treatment. Please avoid us for a while."

Jean nodded. "I'm right next to you. Call me if you need anything."

After speaking, he took a few steps back. He closed the curtain to divide the room into two parts and blocked the view.

Without delay, Neera quickly unfastened Wrenn's hospital gown.

When she saw that Wrenn's chest turned purple, her complexion became more solemn. She took out the silver needles to disinfect and began to administer them to Wrenn.

After a while, Neera stopped. Coming out from the curtain, she let out a breath.

Although needling treatment seemed simple, it was a labor-intensive task. Neera had not rested well and was tired now.

Jean saw Neera's sweat dripping from her forehead and brought her a glass of water. "Sit down and drink some water."

Neera wiped her sweat, took the glass, and took two sips.

"I want you to be mentally prepared. Your mom's situation isn't very optimistic. This needling treatment and another injection of the life-extending medicine I developed can only delay her condition for a few days. If we fail to develop an antidote within a week, your mom can't heal."

Although she knew it was cruel to say that, she must speak it.

Jean looked cold. "How about we find the person who developed this poison? Maybe she has an antidote in her hand?"

Neera knew who he was referring to and shook her head. "Judging from your mom's situation, she may not have an antidote, or she wouldn't allow the toxin in your mom's body to develop to this extent."

After hearing that, Jean became gloomy and was pissed off.

Neera did not have any better way. After sighing, she remembered something and asked, "What about you? Did you find anything?"

Jean responded, "I'm still investigating, but I haven't found that poison at her home or research center."

Neera froze and quickly said, "No, you may have checked the wrong direction! Instead of looking for the poison, it's better to find the components of the poison. If she made the poison hastily, maybe there's only one poison. Wait for me. I'll send you the components we analyzed. You'll get results."

After being reminded by her, Jean also felt it should be so and nodded slightly. "Okay."


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