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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 396

Neera quickly forwarded the poison components sent by Philbert to Jean.

After receiving it, Jean immediately forwarded it to Ian.

After that, it was time to wait for the needles to get pulled out.

Neera still felt tired, so she rested on the sofa.

Seeing her expression, Jean glanced at his watch. "It's very late. If you feel tired, take a rest first. I'll wake you when it's time to pull the needles."

Neera looked at the time, thought for a while, and agreed. "Okay, please wake me in an hour."

Then, she felt relieved and soon fell asleep in a daze.

Jean looked at her thin appearance. A look of tenderness flashed across his eyes. He took off his coat and covered her carefully.

It was cold in the hospital at night.

Jean sat aside while watching Neera silently. Soon, an hour passed, but Neera was still asleep.

Seeing Neera sleeping so peacefully, Jean could not bear to wake her. But he could not ignore Wrenn's condition. So he still woke her up.

"Neera, wake up..."

Neera vaguely heard Jean's voice. She whimpered in her sleep softly.

She struggled to lift her eyelids and gradually awoke. The deep sleep after exhaustion made her feel dazed, with a splitting headache.

After a while, she remembered where she was. She immediately got up to get the needles.

Unexpectedly, after she only pulled two needles, the ward door suddenly opened. Joanna walked in from the outside!

Jean froze. He stood up immediately, frowned, and asked, "It's late. What's the matter?"

Joanna was stunned when she heard his cold voice.

Fortunately, she was used to Jean's indifference and did not feel anything wrong, so she walked over with a gentle smile.

"I was thinking of you staying here tonight. I worried you'd get cold, so I sent you a blanket and brought some food. I made these myself. I hope you like it. Eat it if you're hungry. Be careful not to starve. Your body isn't well yet. If you overwork, it'll deteriorate."

Joanna pretended to be gentle and virtuous. Neera, who was behind the curtain, could not help but sneer. She ignored it and continued to pull out the needles.

Jean looked cold and did not even look at the food. "Instead of doing this, you might as well find a way to cure my mom as soon as possible."

Joanna's expression was stiff. She managed to control her emotions and responded softly, "I know you worry about Madam. I'm the same. Madam treats me well. I won't make her condition worse. I'm already thinking of a way. I'll improve Madam's condition."

Joanna pretended to worry about Wrenn. But Jean saw through her hypocrisy at a glance and felt disgusted. "Put down the blanket and go out. I don't need food. I'm going to rest. Don't come in casually."

Thinking Neera was still behind the curtain, he did not want her to get discovered by Joanna, so he ordered coldly.

However, Wrenn suddenly woke up. She seemed to be suffering from the soreness on her chest. She furrowed and opened her eyes.

The next moment, Neera's face suddenly appeared in front of Wrenn. Wrenn froze, could not tell whether it was reality or a dream, and stared blankly at Neera.

A moment later, when she saw Neera injecting medicine into her arm with a syringe, she could not help but be startled and angry and shouted sharply, "Neera! What do you want to do to me?"


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