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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 397

Neera had been concentrating on pulling out the needles and did not realize that Wrenn had woken up. She did not expect to hear Wrenn yelling and was startled.

However, she successfully injected the medicine into Wrenn's body quickly and firmly. But Wrenn's voice naturally alarmed Jean and Joanna outside the curtain.

Only then did Joanna realize there seemed to be a figure inside the curtain! She felt terrible, rushed forward, and opened the curtain.

Joanna was startled and angry when she saw Neera, then pointed at Neera with a shrill voice. "Why are you here?"

Wrenn did not know what was going on. Her disgust for Neera drove her to think the worst.

She clutched her chest, felt extremely angry, and gasped for breath. "She drugged me! She wanted to kill me! Neera, why are you so vicious? Is it not enough to poison me? You want me to die, don't you?"

Hearing that, Neera frowned. Wrenn was probably ill and confused. She was too unreasonable.

Neera met Wrenn's resentful eyes and explained calmly. "I didn't harm you. I didn't inject the poison in your body. The poison was about to invade your heart. It'll endanger your life if you don't treat it in time. That's why I came here to treat you. That injection lasts your life and delays the speed of toxins from invading your heart!"

Jean also came over at this time. He glared at Joanna, then looked at Wrenn and explained, "Mom, I sent Neera here. I stayed outside just now. She did come to treat you. You're overthinking."

Joanna did not notice his gaze. She felt flustered now.

What did Neera say? The toxin is about to invade the heart. How could she know so clearly? When things have come to this point, Jean still believes in this b*tch and allows her to treat Madam!

Joanna felt worse and realized that the situation was not good.

While Wrenn was still awake, she stepped forward preemptively and blamed Neera. "What treatment? Neera, why are you still pretending? Do you think Madam will look at you differently if you cure Madam? You're so vicious!"

Neera did not want to argue with Joanna. But Joanna's behavior was disgusting.

Neera could not bear it anymore and suddenly sneered.

"Joanna, who is vicious? You said the medicine I prescribed conflicted with yours, but after I analyzed it, they didn't conflict! What I prescribed was common cold medicine. It's even more impossible to produce toxins! Besides, I've never been in contact with her, but you! You take care of her every step of the way. What is your intention?"

Seeing Neera questioning her fiercely, Joanna felt guilty. But even so, Joanna still had to act confidently and scolded, "Nonsense! Are you trying to blame me now?"

Joanna suddenly shifted her gaze to Wrenn. She looked full of grievances and innocence. "Madam, you should know how I treat you. I have been caring for you all these years. Why did I harm you? I would have done it long ago if I wanted to poison you. I don't need to wait until today."


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