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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 40

Zachary felt awkward.

Did she just ask who I am? Does she not recognize me anymore?

That's impossible!

However, Zachary found her coldness irresistible, and that only made him want to conquer her.

Zachary thought Neera was so cold to him because she was unhappy that he canceled the engagement.

She used to love me a lot! The cancellation must've shaken her.

Zachary calmed down a little after arriving at that conclusion. He picked up his confidence again and acted like a gentleman.

"Neera, I'm sorry for what happened six years ago. You must've been so humiliated when I publicly canceled our engagement. I know you're mad at me, but it's been so many years, and now you're back in Kingsview, you look glamorous and accomplished. I'm sure your life abroad must've made you a mature woman. Why don't we forget what happened in the past and start anew? Also, we're about to become part of the same family, isn't it?"

Zachary thought that Neera would be moved by his speech.

He then proceeded to speak up for Roxanne, "Also, Roxanne tried to argue on your behalf when she faced the journalists outside of the hotel room. She genuinely loves and respects you as her elder sister… She blamed herself for ruining your engagement, and she even thought of breaking up with me. She's been very worried about you over the past six years!"

Neera resisted the urge to throw up when she heard that.

Six years ago, Roxanne's words were the final nail in the coffin. The journalists believed her, which caused Neera's reputation to be ruined.

Even though Neera had been abroad in Essley for the past six years, Roxanne and her mother continued to find ways to exploit her, such as trying to marry her off to Jean Beauvort.

Neera had already known about their true colors a long time ago.

The man in front of her was blind to believe what Roxanne said.

A hint of mockery flashed in Neera's eyes, and her gaze became colder than before.

"You're right. We should forget what happened in the past, and you belong in my past. The next time we bump into each other, I hope you can pretend you don't know me, and you don't have to pretend to be nice to me either. It'll be just a waste of your time!"

Zachary was surprised. He did not believe that Neera could be so cold to him.

He thought that Neera was playing hard to get, and he did not want to give up on pursuing Neera either.

Even though he already had Roxanne, he did not mind adding another toy to his collection.

Neera was very beautiful after all!

Her cold and prideful demeanor made him want to conquer her!

Just when Zachary was about to divulge his true intentions, Isabella came out of her office with Neera's phone in her hand.

Neera had left in a hurry and forgot to take her phone.

Isabella frowned. She did not expect to meet Roxanne and Zachary.

When Zachary and Roxanne saw Isabella, they ignored Neera and ran up to her. "Good morning, Ms. Lopez. I'm Roxanne Garcia from the Garcia family, and this is my fiancé, Zachary Fain, the heir to Fain Enterprises."

They smiled politely at Isabella, and Zachary said, "It's like this. We heard that Dr. Nancy will be performing an operation at your hospital, so we were wondering if you could refer us to her."


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