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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 401

Soon, Ian turned on the laptop and typed rapidly on the keyboard. Joanna's uneasiness continued to expand, and her heart tensed with fear.

Her laptop did record the content of her research and development, including some formulas and steps for developing poison! If Jean found it out, she would be in a disaster!

Sweat slid down her forehead. She gulped palely, and her body was stiff.

Wrenn was still suspicious of Neera before, but after listening to their conversation, she finally realized something belatedly.

A suspicion that had never existed rose in her heart, and Wrenn looked at Joanna incredulously. "You..."

Before she could finish speaking, the laptop sounded to start up.

Ian was overjoyed and immediately reported, "Sir, the cracking was successful!"

Joanna could not stand it any longer. The defense line in her heart collapsed.

She suddenly knelt tremblingly and burst into tears.

"Sorry, Madam! I didn't mean to poison you! I like Mr. Beauvort! I want to be with him so much! I admit I was wrong. But I didn't plan to kill you!"

Joanna had to plead guilty but tried to get a little forgiveness.

"Madam, please believe me! The poison I developed isn't so toxic. It'll only make you ill for a few days longer. I thought it would not endanger your life. I only want to take this opportunity to make you hate Neera, not to make you die..."

Joanna cried, and her eyes were flustered and uncertain. Then, she seemed to remember something and pointed at Neera.

"It must be you! There's something wrong with your medicine! How could the poison in Madam's body explode so violently? It was you who harmed Madam!"

Neera was speechless by Joanna's shamelessness. She stared at Joanna condescendingly with a deep coolness.

"You still want to slander me? The medicine I prescribed has nothing to do with your medicine or your poison! As for why the poison you developed took effect powerfully, it's because two components in your poison cannot mix at the same time! Once mixed, it'll accelerate the onset of the toxin. The poison itself may not be too harmful, but the speed of the poison is unpredictable. Madam Beauvort won't have a cure if it invades her heart!"

As she spoke, Joanna suddenly sneered sarcastically.

"I don't think you have developed an antidote. Or you would have taken the opportunity to heal Madam Beauvort! Joanna, you're stupid to use poisons unwisely. You're vicious! You're not qualified to be a doctor!"

Wrenn was beyond shocked, and her mood was indescribable. She looked at Joanna in astonishment, and fierce anger gradually appeared in her eyes. Joanna destroyed her trust! Joanna betrayed her!

"I trust you so much. You..." Wrenn was trembling and became short of breath.

Seeing that her face was livid, Neera knew Wrenn was getting angry, so she hurried over to relieve Wrenn. But before she could move, Wrenn passed out.

Jean froze. Before he could react, Neera quickly took out the silver needles and immediately rescued Wrenn.

After a moment, Neera stopped. "It's okay. She was over-emotional and fainted temporarily. It won't affect the toxins in her body."

When Jean heard that, he felt relieved.

Meanwhile, Ian put the laptop in front of Jean. "Sir, there are indeed formulas for developing poisons. Several of them match the components provided by Mrs. Beauvort!"

The evidence was conclusive and revealed the truth.

Jean's eyes were gloomy and terrifying. He glared at Joanna as if staring at a dead person.

Joanna was a little absent-minded at first, then returned to reality. She could not help but shiver and was in deep fear.

She moved tremblingly and cautiously grabbed Jean's trousers to beg for mercy.

"Mr. Beauvort, please let me go! It's all because I like you! At least I've worked hard to treat you! Please forgive me..."


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